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Anthropologists speculate that oral sex has existed for as long as humans. Somehow along the way, the ancient man figured eating pussy provided just as much sensation as penetrative sex, and so was sucking dick and licking ass.

And although oral sex was technically taboo in most traditional cultures and religions, the classic men indulged in it on the down low until the era of sexual liberation that flourished between the 1960s and 1980s when it became a mainstream sexual act.

Oral sex was featured in vintage porn from the early stag films of the late 19th century. It was either foreplay or the main act depending on what the directors needed to achieve in the scenes. This category harbors erotic vintage oral porn videos dating from the Victorian era to the Golden Age of Porn.

Watch naughty classic women choking on enormous cocks pending hardcore fucking. Enjoy all the forms of oral sex, from steamy cock sucking (or fellatio) pussy licking (also referred to as cunnilingus), and kinky asslicking (anilingus).

The films feature hardcore fucking scenes preceding the steamy oral sex.

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