Dean Ackerlund - San Francisco Babe Whose Large Boobs Made Her the First BBW Pornstar

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Very curvy, stacked model Dean Ackerlund shattered boundaries while showing off her enormous BBW boobs during her short, but very memorable modeling career. With a body that could stop traffic and a chest that could cause grown men to become weak in the knees, this blonde hottie opened the door for many sexy classic .

Enchanting Dean Ackerlund feeling lost with her huge breasts exposed to the snow

Enchanting Dean Ackerlund feels lost with her huge tits exposed to the snow

Dean shows off her huge rack and killer curves as her career takes hold

In the late Dean Ackerlund's home city of San Francisco, California (USA) was one of the most alive, vibrant and counter culture centered places in the world. Dean decided to get in on a little of that free love fun and try her hand at nude modeling.

At 52-26-38 inches (132-66-97 centimeters, see Table 1), 145 pounds (66 kilograms) and standing 5 feet, 5 inches (165 centimeters) tall, Dean wasn't your prototypical . She was one step above curvy with a body that was thick in all the right places. Many would consider her chunky, which could hold her back as a model, but her natural 52DDD/F US (120F EU/Int, see Table 2) breasts were so fantastic they made her an instant star.

As great as her boobs were, Dean Ackerlund had other assets that were well appreciated. Though she didn't show it a lot in her various photo shoots, Dean's was sweet and round. This pornstar had a nice big moneymaker, and she knew how to shake it in a way that could break the bank.

Of course, there was something more to her than just . Dean Ackerlund had a beautiful face and a nice, warm smile. Sometimes she wore a brunette wig, but her most famous photographs are the ones where Dean is natural - blonde. She was smart and treated people well. This seemed like the kind of girl you might meet at the or hanging out at a concert. Then, as the clothes came off and you saw her body, you would know this sweet, lovely girl had the physical tools to be very naughty!

It didn't take long before Dean found herself regularly being book by big boob magazines. They had taken one look at her assets and couldn't wait to get her in front of a camera.

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Sexy Dean becomes the first real BBW pinup girl

had always been fairly curvy women, but as the started taking hold fashion photographers began embracing skinnier, trimmer models. Many men's magazines began doing the same. Dean's body was the polar opposite of the new skinny models', but it only served to help her popularity. In the early to mid-70s Dean's photos were mostly published in men's magazines like "Gent," and "Gem Night and Day: Super Mamas."

Guys that love a woman with some meat on her bones and a little extra cushion for the pushin' took a very strong liking to Dean. Dean Ackerlund had what you might call dancer's legs. They weren't terribly long, but they were strong, fit and looked incredible. In one series of pictures, she is by the beach wearing a swimsuit then nothing at all.

Her legs look fantastic as she strikes a few sassy poses, and you can just imagine her strutting over to you and wrapping those firm legs around your body. As her popularity began to grow, the classic pornstar and her huge breasts appeared in more and more magazines. From scenes where she is at the beach relaxing topless to scenes where she started out clothed then slowly stripped to show off her plump body, she was showing every inch of her beautiful frame and her fans loved it for her.

With appearances in nearly every major men's magazine of the era, Dean proved that there are plenty of guys out there who like a bigger girl.

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Dean Ackerlund goes full frontal nude, flashes pussy, and then gets into politics

Dean mostly appeared topless, or she would be nude, but turned to the side so you couldn't see everything. She did, however, do a few full frontal photo shoots that unleashed her nice big bush on the world. In one picture, she is sitting outside on a rock. We get a great view of her and her incredible that are the size of a hamburger patty as this sexy BBW goes au naturel in nature.

As her reign as the first real pin-up model continued into the mid , Dean Ackerlund (who sometimes went by the name Berta Jensen) continued to grace the covers of various and general men's magazines. Her nipple-licious appearance in "Swingle" is enough to leave you with an uncontrolled throbber in your pants as we not only get a great look at her funbags, but for the first time in color we finally get to see just how perfectly round and light colored her nipples were.

As quickly as her career started, it seemed to end. In the later part of the 1970s Dean Ackerlund quietly stopped modeling and disappeared from the industry. This curvy vintage sex star had never shown any real interest in trying her hand at acting, but she did involve herself in politics. For more than a decade, Dean was an active member of the Democratic Party and was involved in a local and community politics.

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Dean Ackerlund body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Dean Ackerlund physical body statistics
Height5 ft 5 in165 cm
Weight145 lb66 kg
Bust size52 in132 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size38 in97 cm
Measurements52-26-38 in132-66-97 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Dean Ackerlund?

Table 2

Dean Ackerlund bra size and breast cup size
Bra size52DDD/F120F52E135F12F30EF120
What bra and cup size did Dean Ackerlund wear?
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