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The 19th century was pivotal politically, socially, and, most importantly, economically across the globe. It was a century marked by industrial revolutions across Europe and America, wars, technological innovations, and the abolition of the slave trade, among other significant milestones.

The first photographic camera was invented around the late 19th century. During the same period, theaters opened across Europe, including the first in Boston, Massachusetts. Production of the mainstream film was soon followed by porn, and we have a collection of vintage 19th-century porn videos for your enjoyment.

Porn from the Victorian era are poor quality monochrome films produced by the first motion picture cameras ever invented. Professional cinematography wasn't yet a thing, and amateur hobbyists who were not sure they'd make an industry out of filming shot many stag films of the era.

Although the porn industry was in its infancy, the amateur photographers of the time managed to capture incredible scenes that have since been adopted in mainstream porn today.

This category features hardcore action, sensual romance, and everything in between from the Victorian era. Watch naughty couples getting it on, barely legal teens getting fucked by adults, and group sex, among other genres of vintage porn from the 19th century.

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