Mature Nurses Suck Cock & Fuck Hospital Patients: 1940s WW2 Lesbian Porn

Mature Nurses Fuck Porn Video

Two mature nurses help hospital patients of the World War II era with pain relief. They have slick mouths, big tits, and hairy pussies. Patients are happy to get blowjobs with cum in their mouths. Nurses not only suck cock, but also fuck cocks and even try anal sex. Lesbian love is also good. Read more

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Mature Nurses Suck and Fuck Patients in the Hospital in the 1940s

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Two horny work tirelessly to relieve their patients' pain in the 1940s. These ladies have a unique way of doing things; they use their wet mouths, massive breasts, and hairy cunts to arouse their patients even more. The grateful patients lie on the hospital bed waiting for relief as these naughty bitches give them sexual pleasure.

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This vintage porn film takes us back to when two mature sluts provide much-needed relief during wartime through unconventional means - using their hungry mouths, bouncing tits, dripping pussies, and an insatiable lust for exploring new sexual experiences while providing sexual satisfaction!

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