Anita Ventura - Sexy Queen of Sexploitation Films who was Arrested for Public Nudity in NY

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What more can you say about a woman who claimed to have perfect tits of her time? You can talk about the rest of her, that's what! Anita Ventura had a great, shapely that looked fantastic in the fishnets and garter belts that she frequently wore. Her face had a strong, lustful appearance that gave off the impression of a dominatrix, which this often portrayed in her work. However, she was also known for her antics away from the camera, which brought her lots of attention and even a couple criminal charges.

Gorgeous brunette Anita Ventura seduces in her provocative lacy black bra

Gorgeous brunette Anita Ventura seduces in her provocative lacy black bra

Most likely Anita Ventura was not her real name. She was big in an era when burlesque dancers and nude models concealed their past. She was born in sunny Pensacola, Florida (USA), in (age 83), and went from Miami Beach to New York City to establish herself as the queen of men's adult entertainment. Maybe this bombshell was of , which would explain her dark hair and olive skin. Maybe she was the daughter of Jewish parents who gave her stunning Mediterranean looks - we do know that.

When Anita hit the stages in the Big Apple, in , she was 22 years old, her weight was 130 pounds (59 kilograms), her measurements were 38-25-37 inches (97-64-94 centimeters, see Table 2), and she stood 5 feet, 9 inches (175 centimeters) tall. Her biography claims her cup size was C; however, men who beheld her would more likely say she had full D cup based on her pictures.

With boobs that would raise a corpse from the dead, Anita Ventura dominates the Big Apple's burlesque scene

Why did men fall over themselves to be just in the same club with this knockout? Just look at her ! They were full, natural, and smooth. Not a hint of stretch marks anywhere on them. She had decent-sized areolas that appeared almost oval in size and caused gentlemen to simply stare her whole breasts just a little longer.

Her popped out ever so slightly from the surface, offering even more definition of her boobs for the camera lens when she posed from the side in her photos. And they maintained their shape in whatever pose Anita gave for the cameraman - unless, of course, she was doing something , like squeezing them together to accentuate her ample cleavage.

But to get lost on this beauty's alone would be a crime. Anita Ventura had an , too, which she exhibited for all the world to see. It was full and curvy and smooth. Each cheek rounded to a deep crevasse, creating lustful lighting and shadows in her pictures as men everywhere imagined themselves rubbing up against her buns longingly. She had firm but slender legs, too, which drew men to focus on her lower half as if drawn by a supernatural force.

Anita Ventura's face was gorgeous, and had this quality that demanded men's attention. What caused that? Was it her long, dark raven hair that she swooped strongly to one side, exposing her strong, attractive face to the whole world? Maybe it was her long, dark pencil thin eyebrows that tapered up at the ends, giving her a slightly menacing appearance? Or her devilish smile, which she could tinge with a hint of lust when required? Whatever it was, it was captivating.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that, to coin a phrase, "the carpet matched the drapes" on this raven-haired beauty. While her was dense and dark, Anita kept her pussy very trim and tight, not letting it distract from the rest of her beauty in her photo work.

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This stunning retro star shows her fans and the world that she might be a little out of the ordinary

Of course, there is no way to tell what goes on in a woman's mind from a photograph alone. You need to learn details of a lady's life to make a call like that. And when you learn the details of Anita Ventura's life, you might conclude this babe either loved living on the edge or maybe just had a screw or two loose.

Why, you might ask, would a woman put on a Batgirl costume with the chest area intentionally cut away and run around the streets of New York City topless - only to be arrested for public indecency? Sounds a little nutty, huh? If that is bad enough, then ask yourself why she would do the same exact stunt again!

An equally engaging question is why a girl as gorgeous as Anita - with all her physical beauty and assets, and who could have any man she laid her eyes upon - would get engaged to a 3 feet, 9 inches (114 centimeters) dwarf named Tun Tun whose claim to fame was tripping the lights fantastic on dance floors across the country? And especially when she towered over him in her 5 feet, 9 inches (175 centimeters) sexy frame? Personally, we cannot blame Tun Tun one bit for falling for this bombshell. He likely looked up at her 38D US (85D EU/Int, see Table 3) tits and saw the eternal mountaintops of Heaven in those breasts.

This "craziness" translated to pushing the boundaries in her photography work, too. Don't forget - this busty beauty was active in the early '60s, a time just before the "free love" of the later part of the decade. Thus, anything out of the ordinary of the plain, naked form would be scandalous to viewers of men's magazines. And Anita Ventura was not afraid to pose with ropes, struggle with knots, or put on slinky dominatrix outfits in her pictures. Whether she was the poor vixen in distress or the Amazon who was about to put a hurting on a victim, the themes in her nude photos was unmistakable.

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Anita Ventura not only dominates nude photography in New York, but makes inroads in movies

If anyone thought that Anita was crazy, she ended up crazy like a fox. Her fans came far and wide to see her strip on stages in New York City (). Once, when she was performing at a policeman's ball, one of her admirers sneaked into her dressing room and stole her lacy . Talent agents saw her draw and gave her a chance at finding fame on the silver screen. She starred in some B-roll sexploitation films under the titles "Teenie Tulip" (), "The Taming" () and "Orgy at Lil's Place" ().

Her career lasted seven years, but by the early , Anita Ventura faded from the public's view. Maybe the era got too crazy for her with hippie love, mind-altering drugs, and the increased seediness of Times Square . Who knows? Whatever the reason, men everywhere should be thankful we got to take in Anita for the time we had her.

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Anita Ventura body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Anita Ventura wiki and facts
Born1941 (age 83)
Years active1963-1970
Started around22 years old
In business7 years
What are the interesting facts about Anita Ventura?

Table 2

Anita Ventura physical body statistics
Height5 ft 9 in175 cm
Weight130 lb59 kg
Bust size38 in97 cm
Waist size25 in64 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements38-25-37 in97-64-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Anita Ventura?

Table 3

Anita Ventura bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38D85D38D100D5D16DD85
What bra and cup size did Anita Ventura wear?
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