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Flashing, also known as public exhibitionism, would be classified in law as indecent exposure today. It refers to when a person, particularly a woman, intentionally exposes their tits, ass, or pussy to guys in public.

In the Histories of Herodotus, the famous Greek historian gives a detailed account of public flashing occurring around the 5th century BC in the ancient Egyptian city of Bubastis.

This page features steamy vintage flash porn videos confirming that kinky behavior featured prominently in the retro Western cultures, especially during the Jazz Age going forward. Flashing in the classical times was popularized by flappers and nudists who felt that laws banning public nudity were retrogressive and against what nature really intended.

We have steamy vintage porn videos of nudists in the 1930s flashing their fine natural boobs, the hot women of the '40s flashing to seduce men, and several videos shot during the Golden Age of Porn under the same theme.

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