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In the early when many sexy pinup models were still trying to cultivate an image of being the nice girl next door, Barbara Pauline was happy to be the bad girl as she was featured in several black and white 8 mm films by famous filmmaker and photographer Irving Klaw. She modeled as a seductive with an impressive mane of black hair, in , stripping to or dancing. Ever ready to push the boundaries and show off her naughty side, Barbara carved out a niche for herself being the yin, to many other models' yangs.

Dazzling Barbara Pauline with wavy dark hair reveals her small erected nipples

Dazzling Barbara Pauline with wavy dark hair reveals her small erected nipples

Barbara's naughty side leeds to some erotic movies

Early in the 1950s Barbara had been doing some pinup and nude modeling work when she caught the eye of famed photographer Irving Klaw. Klaw was well-known of his work with Bettie Page and other famous and . He featured her in several 8 mm films that found Barbara Pauline showing off her seductive side as she crawled around on the floor then bared her fabulous C-cup tits as this vintage pornstar did a sexy out of some very .

Her collaborations with Klaw would run into the and included a famous shot of her posing with pinup superstar Bettie Page. The two women stand ass to ass while wearing some sexy lingerie complete with spike and thigh high . With hands on hips, Betty looks excited while Barbara looks stern and brooding.

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Spanking, fetish clothing and bondage take Barbara in a new direction

Up until now Barbara's trademark had been her smoldering sexuality. The majority of her shoots found her modeling in (then stripping out of) some very sexy lingerie. With her dark, mysterious look and incredible, , Barbara Pauline had people talking. This sexy harlot was that girl that everyone wanted to know more about.

Occasionally, she would pose fully nude and often she would pose with other women. Her sexy eyes, curvy, plush body and were often a smoldering hot contrast to the other models'. This retro sex star would sometimes show her pussy, letting us see that while she kept it natural, it wasn't a so there must be some taming of her love jungle going on.

In the early 1960s she and Klaw collaborated on a series of sexy, kinky photos that appeared in magazines like "Corporal." The first of these sets found Barbara working with a model named Jackie Miller. Barbara, wearing only some nylons, heels and a see-thru and panty set, is put on her knees on the floor while Jackie . She starts out with her hand, but quickly moves on to using a flog and a variety of toys. Barbara Pauline even gets turned over Jackie's knees as she gets her ass paddled! This series oozed sexuality as the girls arched their backs and purred like kittens at the rough attention they paid each other.

Barbara continued to push the boundaries as she posed in a variety of sexy leather outfits. As both a and a slave, this voluptuous beauty always delivered with a come-hither look and a presence that pulled you into her world. This lovely bombshell wrestled with other women while wearing lingerie, spanked other women and even posed as a naughty criminal, pointing her gun at the camera. Barbara Pauline had found her niche and the public was eating it up.

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Barbara Pauline in fetish riding the human pony girl

Barbara Pauline goes blonde and gets naked

At times, Barbara would dye her naturally dark hair . There are even shots of her with blonde hair that is fairly short and pulled up on top of her head. This change in hair color seemed to bring out a sunnier side of Barbara, and it made her clothes fall off.

Some of Barbara Pauline's hottest came when she was a blonde. She might start out in sensual lingerie or even fully dressed, but by eventually she would find herself wearing nothing at all. A candid shot of her topless, relaxing on the bed and talking on the phone shows her perfect boobs in all their glory. Her are a delicious light tan and her curvy hips beg you pack a lunch and explore every one of her , hidden valleys.

When a blonde, fully nude Barbara bends over and looks back at you over her shoulder, her , slight sideboob and sexy expression will have you on your knees begging her to back that up so you can give it a spank!

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From her early collaborations with Irving Klaw to her foray into and to her blonde, lighter side, Barbara Pauline always remained herself. She showed the different sides of her personality while exposing every inch of her mouth-watering body. It is known that Barbara got credited in "Buxom Beautease" () and "Betty Page: Bondage Queen" () documentary films.

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