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Nudity was a common phenomenon for the most part of human history. It's believed the tropical and temperate regions of the world were one big nudist park, and inhabitants only covered up when the weather acted out. However, sunbathing, swimming, and outdoor sports were carried out nude.

Organized nudism or naturism in the post-modern context has its roots in 19th-century Germany. Naturists walked around naked in designated areas like nudist camps, resorts, and other nudist facilities.

Nudists interacted freely in these designated zones without necessarily engaging in sexual activities. In this category, we feature some of the steamiest vintage naturist porn videos, some over a century old, with others produced until the late 1970s.

Watch vintage porn films with stunning men and women walking around without clothes, some engaging in outdoor sporting activities, others getting turned on and fucking recklessly. Watch pretty classic women flaunting their enormous natural tits and big butts at nudist camps and men walking with their humongous cocks swinging in full potential.

The naturists engage in fun outdoor activities like swimming, nature walks, body painting, horseback riding, and adventurous picnics.

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