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Vintage adult performers (men & women) up until the late 1980s loved spotting their hairy armpits. And no, it wasn't for lack of waxing or barbering services because barbers have been around since 5000 BC. Again, although hair removal through waxing only became popular in the '60s, the technique was first executed in ancient Egypt many centuries ago.

As bizarre as it may sound, sexual partners used to get turned on by the smell of their significant other's sweaty hairy armpits. We've got steamy vintage hairy armpits porn videos going back many decades ago showcasing performers who loved their armpits hairy and probably smelly as well.

Hair in the armpits was not just a male thing in the retro eras. Even women loved to keep long underarm hair and hairy pubes for reasons best known to them.

Watch horny men lick their women's hairy armpits with others going down on their girls' hairy cunts to give them the best pussy licking of their lives. This category features vintage porn from the Edwardian era until the 1970s. Besides the peculiar grooming, you can watch some of the best vintage sex scenes online - men eating pussy, women gagged by gigantic penises, and the hardcore fucking that follows.

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