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Every once in a while, you might see something on a petite woman that stops you dead in your tracks and go "whoa!" The big hairy pussy on Clyda Rosen was one of those snatches that made you do exactly that. Her hair was dense, and her dark pubes ran right up from her belly, down around her bush, and circumnavigated her . While this might strike awe in the average man, the rest of this Israeli diva hit their lust. She had gorgeous, dark Mediterranean features in her face and skin, and her were guaranteed to make any man hard.

Exotic beauty Clyda Rosen with mesmerizing round breasts and a golden necklace around her neck

Exotic beauty Clyda Rosen with mesmerizing round tits and a golden necklace around her neck

Clyda Rosen was born in (age 75) in Israel under her real name of Vietta Taff. In , she moved to London where this 21-year-old babe was eventually discovered by photographer Harrison Marks, who by this point was already a famous soft- and pornographer. This busty beauty quickly went from being a glamor model to an actress in Marks' 8 millimeter films. This queen also worked under the names Vietta Manning and Vietta Mannings.

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Clyda Rosen had all the features men in the '70s wanted on a very petite frame

Clyda Rosen was a woman of contradictions. She stood only 4 feet, 10 inches (147 centimeters) tall and her weight was 130 pounds (59 kilograms). However, this pornstar wore a 36DDD/F US (80F EU/Int, see Table 3) size bra. In images of her work from the , this petite woman was dwarfed by her co-stars in the . However, when any actor puts his cock near her massive mammaries, those mountains make what is likely a big sized penis look downright average.

Among this woman's calling cards, her huge boobs were one of the most noticeable features. They featured prominently in one of her first movie rolls - as a "manufactured," think like "mammary sex" (nowadays called "") with the doctor's hunchback assistant. And Clyda had ample cleavage for fucking when she squeezed those monstrous sized breasts together, creating a veritable canyon right under her chin.

It was impossible to miss the fact that these . In some of her images, the light hits the side profile of her breasts, highlighting little streams of stretch marks working their way from her armpits towards the .

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Clyda Rosen in a threesome lesbian sex of three young women

The breathtaking hairiness of Clyda's pussy was unmatched in the 1970s

The next hallmark of this busty beauty was her very dense and very dark . Again, it was a bush that highlighted the contradictions in this sex model. In some images, she has obviously cut away the edges around it, giving her bush a more manageable appearance. In other pictures, the big-titted porn star has thrown caution to the wind and let her pubic hair run wild. And when this thing ran wild, it went everywhere!

This owner did not have a "happy trail" from her bellybutton to her gash in some pictures - she had a veritable super-highway! Dark hairs ran over her tummy on both sides of her navel and just got darker and denser as they headed for her cunt. This bush then drove south from her pussy, across her taint and worked around her . One memorable photo has Clyda Rosen getting With all that dark hair in her ass, it looks like a birch tree trunk popping out of volcanic soil.

Because of her and pussy, Clyda Rosen is another "unfortunate" whose physical assets took away from her physical beauty. She had a very cute face, with large, dark, expressive eyes that played nicely for the camera. In more than one movie, this whore allowed men to decorate her face with warm cumshots. She also had large, full lips that knew how to all too well. Long, dark and straight auburn hair framed her face beautifully, playing off her shoulders and ending where her boobs began.

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Clyda Rosen begins to focus more on lesbian roles and tries reinventing her look

A great deal of her film work had her engaging in as well as straight sex. Three- and were also within this busty harlot's repertoire. This large-breasted bombshell also did a great deal of work for men's magazines. In this work, she would mix up letting her bare naked body take command of the image with other stills where she wore very sexy . Corsets, bustiers, garter belts - they were all on display in Clyda Rosen's work. And they all served the purpose of accenting her gigantic tits or accentuating that dense, hairy pussy in the camera lens.

In the , Clyda Rosen had enough of her mammoth mammaries and the back pain they caused. She had breast reduction surgery, and then tried to "reinvent" herself as a new adult film actress under the name Vietta Manning. However, even with her reduced boobs, they still commanded everyone's attention when she exposed them to the world. To accommodate the new name, the vixen also changed her hair appearance, cutting it into a short bob that was popular at that time. She appeared in numerous pornographic magazines and adult films after this surgery and change of look.

Clyda Rosen's giant tits and hairy pussy graced men's magazines and adult films throughout the and '90s. As she got older, this pornstar took more roles. This included girl-on-girl action in "Tit to Tit 3" (), "Hirsute Lovers" (), "Busty Sensations 9" (), and "Pregnant and Milking in the UK 2" (). Interestingly, the makers of "Hirsute Lovers" () (a fetish flick) decided to have Clyda seducing another woman who was even hairier than she was. This Israeli finally retired from acting in porn films in . Her porn career spanned 24 years.

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Clyda Rosen body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Clyda Rosen wiki and facts
BornJanuary 13, 1949 (age 75)
Years active1970-1994
Started around21 years old
In business24 years
AliasesVietta Manning, Vietta Mannings, Vietta Taff
What are the interesting facts about Clyda Rosen?

Table 2

Clyda Rosen physical body statistics
Height4 ft 10 in147 cm
Weight130 lb59 kg
Bust size36 in91 cm
Measurements36-??-?? in91-??-?? cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Clyda Rosen?

Table 3

Clyda Rosen bra size and breast cup size
Bra size36DDD/F80F36E95F4F14EF80
What bra and cup size did Clyda Rosen wear?
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