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A dirty old man meets a girl on the street. She takes her home and starts eating her hairy pussy. The girl gets scared and runs away. The man finds her again on the street. They come back and have a classic hardcore full-featured fuck on the bed, with blowjobs, pussy licking, and riding a big cock. Read more

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Old Man Fucks Teen Girl's Hairy Pussy and Ass in the 1910s

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An old, dirty man stumbles upon a young on the street in the 1910s. He invites her to his apartment, devours her , causing her to moan with pleasure. But the girl gets scared and runs away.

Days later, the spots the same girl again on the street and convinces her to return to his bed. This time they have sex right away. The passionate man gives her a mind-blowing muff dive as he finger-fucks her hairy pussy before she returns the favor by giving him an enthusiastic blowjob.

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Finally reaching her limit after this intense session of anal fucking, they both cum hard together as he sprays hot streams of cum all over this young flapper's hairy bush, leaving it glistening with wetness.

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