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Anthropologists have established that wife-swapping was common in many ancient societies, especially among hunters and gatherers. A study into Tibetan agricultural societies revealed that polyandry was practiced to prevent family estates from getting split up.

Swinging is presumably as old as history itself. Still, it wasn't a craze in modern America until the 1950s when World War II Air force soldiers in California began swapping wives. During the war, the fatality rate for Air Force fighter pilots was the highest in the service leading to this peculiar practice of wife-swapping; because why not - someone else was going to fuck your wife anyway after your burial!

It was counter-intuitive that fucking someone else's wife created a lifestyle and community rather than causing division among participants. Wife-swapping rose in popularity during the Golden Age of Porn ('60s-'70s) and inspired the swingers' porn genre.

We've got some of the beautiful vintage swingers porn films produced at the height of the vintage porn swinging fad in America and some from the '70s and late '80s when nothing was bizarre anymore when it came to sex.

Watch horny housewives of the classic times taste another woman's husband's cock and feel the difference. Husbands, too, are feasting on a variety of pussies in their wives' presence, and it just feels magical.

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