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Cuckolds are husbands of adulterous women who get off watching their horny wives fucked by other men. Cuckolding is a classical taboo fetish probably as old as marriage and relationships. The practice was first mentioned in 13th-century erotic literature. It was carried on to the 19th century, appearing in what is now vintage porn.

While the thought of getting their wives banged by other men would be most men's worst nightmare, you'd be surprised that the ancient eras had a ton of cuckolds who refused to buy into the stereotype and social stigma surrounding cuckolding.

This category features arousing vintage cuckold porn videos from the Roaring Twenties to the hippy '80s when everything about relationships was seemingly inverted. Watch adulterous women getting fucked hardcore while their husbands watched the entire time, perhaps regretfully noticing where they go wrong.

Watch the 1920s flappers subjecting their poor husbands to sexual jealousy by openly sleeping around with the hunk neighbor, the mean landlord, or even house guests, among other men. The husbands would just sit and watch their horny wives moaning in pleasure as they had their holes roughly filled with big cocks.

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