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By the end of the 19th century, France had become the center of high culture following her artistic influence during the Renaissance period.

They birthed the Vaudeville theatrical genre, an umbrella of comical and dramatic acts that featured musicals, dances, and poetry, among others. Soon the adult industry borrowed these styles, toned down on the drama and comical performances, and infused sexual performances.

Our vintage Vaudeville porn videos showcase exactly how the adult industry caved a genre from several mainstream theatrical acts that continue to have influence in modern porn.

Vaudeville porn videos feature sultry performances like steamy stripteasing, burlesque dancing, and naked dances, among others.

The women performed in theaters and cabarets to the delight of the naughty gentlemen. The men couldn't get enough of nude women dancing, jiggling their big breasts, and whining their waists like they could ride cocks like pros.

These retro centerfolds and pin-ups turned feel-good dances into erotic performances that you could actually jerk off to.

Today, stripteasing is one of the most popular foreplays you could ask for. Guess what - it's over a century old, judging by when XXX producers started making Vaudeville porn.

This page has some lewd vintage porn videos from Europe and the United States and also colored and black-and-white Vaudeville sex films shot with classic 8 mm and 35 mm film cameras of different eras.

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