WW2-era Missionary Sex: 1940s Couple Pee Play & Hardcore Fucking

Husband Fucks Wife Porn Video

The wife pees on her husband's hat. He's leaving the house, puts on her hat, and gets soaked in urine. The couple undresses and lies down on the bed. The husband eats his wife's hairy muff while she masturbates his cock. As she gets wet, they take a missionary position and start fucking hardcore. Read more

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Husband Fucks His Hairy Wife in Missionary Position in the 1940s

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This 1940s retro porn film is a masterpiece of straight-up kinky sex. We see a getting down and dirty with some severe fetish involved. The woman starts things off by all over her man's hat as he prepares to go out, soaking him in her hot pee. Then they strip and jump naked on the bed together.

The man wastes no time diving headfirst into his , chowing down on that hairy muff like it's his last meal while she jerks his throbbing dick with wild abandon. As she gets wetter and wetter, they switch positions and start fucking each other like there's no tomorrow.

The man goes hard, fucking his wife's cunt until she can't help but scream with pleasure - not that we blame her! Her massive pubic hair is displayed for all to see during their passionate romp. Her big tits jiggle left and right as her pussy is eagerly fucked.

Finally, towards the end of this epic fuckfest, our guy pulls his hard dick out of his wife's dripping cunt to reward her pretty face with a . And let us tell you: this woman loves every single drop of cum! She grins from ear to ear as she slurps every last bit of cum from around her lips.

Overall, this vintage porn video offers an intimate look at how a couple indulged their kinky sexual desires with pee play and rough fuck that left them equally satisfied - plus gave you one helluva show to enjoy!

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