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Most tall and slender girls have small tits, but vintage pinup Lillian Parker boasts a breathtaking pair of natural big boobs to go with her leggy frame, and they're perfect. Boasting a shaved teenage long before it became popular, the stunning made a living being naked, and with good cause as she is an inspiration for masturbatory fantasizing about slim big tit .

Astonishing Lillian Parker aka Adrienne Stoute with gorgeous eyes parades her big firm boobs

Astonishing Lillian Parker with gorgeous eyes parades her giant firm tits

Look at pictures of most , and you can tell what era they modeled in, but the same cannot be said of Lillian Parker. This curvaceous vintage pornstar was a woman before her time with a remarkably arousing body, beautiful face, soft brown hair, and slender long legs that made her a perfect model for .

The American beauty was born in (age 79) and shortly after her 21st birthday got into modeling at the urging of a photographer that was taken with her incredible body. Soon she could be found in the pages of men's magazines with her DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cup breasts and .

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Huge natural boobs with puffy nipples make this vintage girl irresistible

Everything starts with the tits where Lillian Parker is concerned. They're big and look larger thanks to her slender body and have a perfect teardrop shape with puffy areolas and nipples that will genuinely make your mouth water as you dream of sucking on them while she runs her fingers through your hair and moans in pleasure. Her natural breasts are great, of course, but it's their size and sexiness in combination with her slim body that makes her such a standout pinup girl.

Lillian is nearly 6 feet (183 centimeters) tall with a slim waist, curvy hips, and slender legs and at times she looks damn near skinny, particularly when she's leaning back a little. There's a picture of her sitting outdoors in the shallow end of the pool with her legs open and cunt exposed and she looks like a fit, slim, goddess that could very well be modeling today.

You almost never see a that looks like the models of today. Sometimes that manifests in curvier bodies, but it's also about the hairstyles, , makeup, etc. Even in those ways Lillian Parker looks like a modern woman. Her hair, which was dark brown, lustrous, and a few inches past shoulder length, is always styled in a simple yet sexy manner that was probably done by a specialist but looks as though she could have done it herself.

Most of her pinup pictures feature a fully shaved or mostly shaved pussy. Sometimes this big-breasted retro sex icon has a little hair around the lower parts of the pussy lips and in a few pictures there's a fair amount of short pubic hair, but for the most part she had a bald teenage pussy in the , which was just as rare as you might imagine. If you dream of seeing Lillian in a sex video action, join Vintage Cuties now and watch what we recovered from old vintage film reels.

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Lilian Parker seduces with big bust & hairy pussy

Leggy babe Lillian Parker models sexy nylons for magazines

Lillian Parker's exceptionally long legs made her a natural for modeling , like in the magazine "Nylon Surprise" (that cost $0.75 at the time). Put a pair of high heels and black stockings on this long legged goddess, and suddenly she looks doubly arousing. Her ass is tight and sexy, especially in a naughty image where she's bent over with a thong running down the crack of her butt. She posed for some men's magazines under the alias Adrienne Stoute.

There's a great set of pictures from the magazine "Ups and Downs" where she poses with another girl in stockings and the two of them get rather frisky. They're in bed with their cunts and boobs exposed, and they rub on each other pretty good, getting as close to as women did back then. It's not the only girl-girl posing she did either, so she was clearly comfortable with being mostly with other chicks.

There's quite a bit of solo nylon and garter belt pics with the stunning . Roughly half of her work features a pair of on her slender, sexy legs and most come with a garter belt and attached garters to hold them up. That's a look that has always been intensely sexy on a girl, especially if she's not wearing any panties, and Lillian Parker almost never wears panties in her images. There is a lovely set where she's in stockings, a garter belt, and with a barrette in her hair, and she looks both adorable and stunningly hot thanks to those of hers.

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Shaved pussy girl from the 1960s poses for fully nude pictures

Tits of the size and perkiness of those on vintage babe Lillian Parker don't need much help to look fantastic in pictures, so there's no need for her to go above and beyond when posing. She looks hot with her arms crossed under her boobs, or with her legs spread to show her shaved pussy and breasts at the same time.

In one picture, she's bent over at the waist so you can see her titties hanging down with the puffy nipples just begging to be sucked on. In a bedroom photo, she's on her knees with her legs spread, and the pink headband in her hair makes her look young, , and perfectly sexy. It's such a simple touch, but it adds an extra level of arousal and desire to her visage.

For a sense of just how modern this chesty classic beauty can look, check out the pictures of her in glasses, , lace panties, stockings, and white high heels while relaxing in an chair. Except for the old chair, those photos could have been taken a week ago.

It's rare to come across a truly unique specimen in vintage pornography, but busty pinup Lillian is just such a girl. Her perfect body shape, 5 feet, 10 inches (178 centimeters) height and perky DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cup boobs take your breath away in every image and her slender waist and long legs only enhance their sexiness. A fondness for stockings and garter belts sex her up, and of course she's exceptionally beautiful.

Lillian retired in , after six years in business, leaving us all wanting to see more of her nudes.

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Lillian Parker wiki and facts
Born1945 (age 79)
Years active1966-1972
Started around21 years old
In business6 years
AliasesAdrienne Stoute
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