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The historical photos on this page include erotic girl-on-girl action, some of the first bisexual porn photographs, burlesque dance, Victorian BDSM and femdom, strap-on fucking, etc. Watch sultry Arab porn, gay photographs, and wild group sex of the 1920s, among other photographs.

History of porn highlights the changes in the several genres of pornography over time. Our vintage historical porn photos are a collection of old pornography from the Victorian and Edwardian eras when adult content was gaining popularity.

The pics in this section were shot with some of the oldest cameras. You'll notice a lot of images from the 1920s. They're black and white, grainy, and feature Edwardian-era backgrounds.

Many cameras, and formats were invented through the 1910s and 1920s. Among the most popular cameras were the famous "Kodak", "Kodak No. 2 Brownie" and "Leica I".

The cameras of these eras supported 35 mm films. The rudimentary technology made shooting vintage porn expensive and cumbersome. Yet, these cameras took some of the most iconic images in porn history.

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