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Outdoor sex is romantic and spontaneous, as illustrated in vintage outdoor porn pics. VintageCuties features horny couples fucking in the open fields from the bygone years, boys having sex with their girlfriends in bushes, older men copulating with barely legal teens outdoors, and cheating wives riding cock in open outdoor spaces.

Nearly every naughty person from the '80s, going decades back, fucked outdoors, and it was possibly the best sexual experience of their lives. VintageCuties takes you back in time to when it wasn't really a big deal getting your dick sucked and soaked in wet pussy outdoors.

Watch the black and white XXX pictures from as far back as the 1900s to the colored porn magazine photos of the Golden Age of Porn until the late '80s.

Outdoor sex was typical in ancient times and perhaps the only place our great ancestors fucked satisfactorily. When early humans hadn't invented structures yet, they probably fucked in bushes, meadows, and crop fields.

So technically, while outdoor sex seems kinky in today's society, there was vintage porn with outdoor sex depictions long ago. It's likely that the first romantic lovers used to fuck outdoors, and the practice was carried on even when the roof over their heads had been invented.

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