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This section features erotic porn starring hot topless women of the vintage era, some boasting big natural tits. The women love getting their nipples sucked, and breasts fondled for foreplay and sometimes during sex.

The topless women engage in steamy heterosexual fucking and even more intense girl-on-girl vintage porn action. The XXX pics on this page date back to the 1920s when the anti-topless laws had just been passed.

Female toplessness has been a massive point of contention throughout history. Many argue it perpetuated profanity and was not the same as topless men.

We won't dive into all the politics and milestones achieved by advocates of female toplessness. However, it may be worth mentioning that, during the Jazz age, anti-topless laws were passed in America to curb the 'menace' of topless women.

Our vintage topless porn photos have records of topless women with nipple pasties large enough to cover the breasts' areolas just to circumnavigate these stupid laws.

Burlesque dancers of the time would thrill revelers in theaters and strip clubs topless. However, you couldn't see their nipples, thanks to nipple pasties - and they actually got away with that.

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