Tanya Muriett - 1950s Sexy Nude Latina Model who Kept Her Hispanic Model Career a Secret

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Tanya Muriett was simply famous for being one of the first sexy Latina nude models to shed her clothes and pose naked for photos in men's magazines. She had an all-natural Hispanic body that was made more attractive by her dark, olive skin tone and her hairless, . The fact that she was willing to sit in the buff with a smile on her face and have her picture taken while coming from a culture where such behavior is frowned upon is certainly enough to put her in modern porn history.

Lovely chocolate skinned Tanya Muriett with a gorgeous smile and tiny tits outdoors

Lovely chocolate skinned Tanya Muriett with a gorgeous smile and small tits outdoors

Let's not forget what type of culture we're discussing. The Hispanic culture of the was very insulated and socially conservative. was everything. Women were to be protected from any "negative" cultural influences. The Catholic Church was all-powerful and frowned upon any vices - including sex and pornography.

A babe like Tanya Muriett would have kept her career a big secret so as not to bring shame upon her . The "Muriett" surname appears to have some deep roots in Arizona (USA) and the Southwest, so this gives us some clues about her origins. Her culture also put a strong emphasis on keeping oneself beautiful and respectable-looking. These attributes come shining through in her photo work, where she sometimes went under the name Tanya Murietta.

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This mysterious lady appears out of nowhere and busts down the door for future Latina models

This retro Latin pornstar gave us and adult magazine history a moderately-sized portfolio of work showing her sitting seductively for the camera lens. She had medium length, jet black, wavy hair and dark, matching eyes and eyebrows. While she had the high cheekbones that are the telltale of some Aztec heritage, her face also showed European/Gachupin influence, too. Her skin tone was a medium brown.

In fact, just looking at her face and complexion, one might scratch his head and wonder what this beauty's heritage really was. Pure ? Maybe some African influence? A touch of in there? Truly multi-ethnic indeed.

While in a few of her photos Tanya tried to pass off a lustful, serious look for the lens, she more often than not gave the cameraman a more-friendly smile that was both engaging and attractive on its own.

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Naked latina Tanya Muriett lies on the couch displaying her tits

This dark and sexy girl had a body made for nude modeling, and she happily showed it

Tanya Muriett had slender arms and legs on a petite frame a well. Looking at the pictures of this woman standing at full length, it is easy to guess that she was not tall - maybe a little over 5 feet (152 centimeters). Gentlemen who like their girls on the smaller side would obviously lust after this darling.

Once a man had the opportunity to see the hidden bits on this honey, however, he would be captivated by her . She had a shapely ass that was ever so slightly too large for her frame. In fact, in a few of her images, Tanya poses in belly dancer gear, and it is easy to imagine her rear and prominent hips shaking and swaying with the best that had to offer in that profession.

And the tits on this classic Hispanic sex star were about as all-natural as you can get. She likely sported a B cup or C at most. Her and areolas created a prominent pointiness to her breasts that shined through in all her camera work. There's nothing better than watching Tanya completely nude in a real retro video action right here, inside of Vintage Cuties members area.

Remembering the time she worked in was the , you would assume Tanya Muriett would have a deep, dark bush running between her legs. However, you would be dead wrong. This spicy bombshell shaved down for her pictorials. Viewers were greeted with a field of brown Latina skin running over her pussy. In grooming habits, this shaved Hispanic trailblazer was ahead of her 1950s in the nude magazine field no matter what their heritage.

She did not limit herself in what she would wear in her work, either. Of course, all nude was a frequent style used by this babe. However, she had an affinity for garter belts, sexy bras, and gloves that ran past the elbows, too. She worked indoors, outdoors, on , in settings with barely any props, and on elaborate backdrops like sultan's harems as well.

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Tanya Muriett makes one foray into film work but could have done so much more

While her magazine work took up the bigger part of Tanya Muriett's career, she did break onto the silver screen at one point. She had a role in the film "Nudie Cuties 26" (-). She had to work pretty hard to get the attention of men in this film because it included some of the biggest names in men's entertainment from that era, including Virginia "Ding Dong" Bell, Jennie "The Bazoom Girl" Lee and Cherrie Knight. Obviously, it is a testament to Tanya's sexiness that she would be cast with such auspicious talent in this production. Why she did not do more in movies is unfortunate because she certainly had "the look" for that industry.

As quietly as she appeared in the adult entertainment scene, this honey faded away from view just as silently. However, Tanya Muriett is remembered within the pages of this website. If you want to see her and the other trailblazers of Hispanic adult entertainment, get a Vintage Cuties membership right now and download all the retro porn photos and videos we have to offer.

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