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Nightgowns were loosely fitting designated sleepwear commonly worn by women or girls to bed. The word was first introduced in . Since there's no documented evidence of any form of nightwear before the 16th century, it's safe to assume that nightgowns were adopted around the same time.

The European forms of night dresses made from silk, cotton, nylon, or satin with lace appliqué around the boob and hem areas were crafted from nearly similar versions in India, Japan, and the Far East. We've got erotic vintage nightgown porn videos going back over a century ago showcasing amorous sexual action and the evolution of nightgowns over the retro decades.

As you're about to discover in vintage porn, nightgowns morphed from casual nightwear to sexy bedroom garments that set the mood for romance. First, around the 1900s, they were long and clumsy, then they became shorter, not so buggy but still loose to afford the wearer comfort, and colorful by the end of the '80s.

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