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This page hosts a rare collection of vintage soft porn pics, some over a century old. The genre features horny couple fucking, masters fooling around with their maids, teenage lovers getting it on, et al.

These old XXX pics were possibly captured by some of the iconic pioneer cameras of the time. For instance, the XXX pictures from the 1920s porn magazines were probably shot from wooden and nickel-plated cameras like the famous Kodak No. 2 Brownie or Leica I, among other cameras of the decade.

Watch soft sensual pornography from the Victorian era to recently, around the late '80s, before the industry began recycling sex ideas from the retro times. Discover how people fucked back in the day, and maybe you'll appreciate how classic pornographers shaped the adult magazine industry.

Classic porn was an experimentation of a ton of genres, many mirroring the then society's sexual practices, fantasies, and fetishes. Soft porn is arguably among the oldest sexual themes depicted in vintage porn - an outright contrast to the popular hardcore category.

Soft porn can be described in many ways depending on the varied understanding of the genre. Still, ultimately, the perfect definition lies in the name. It's erotic porn delicately packaged to appeal to lovers of classical romance and sensual lovemaking.

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