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Porn celebrities of the vintage era are practically responsible for modern porn as we know it today. These people weathered the negative stereotypes of working in the adult film industry and persisted in thrilling the audiences until it was impossible to ignore porn.

And although it took several decades since the first porn was shot, the world experienced the Golden Age of Porn. This period saw several adult movies get widespread theatrical releases and critical acclaim.

Our vintage celebrity porn videos are the tantalizing works of famous figures in the history of porn who rightfully fucked their way to fame.

It's easy to pinpoint a few prominent figures of the '70s and '80s, but we take steps back to bring you porn celebs from as far back as the '30s.

This page showcases the content of vintage porn legends busty Juliet Anderson, Dawn Knudsen, Jennie Lee, and Linda West, among others.

You're witnessing the films that brought these women fame and cemented their influence in the game as the most fabulous pornstars of all time. This is a rare fit very few get to accomplish in their lifetime.

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