Rosalie Strauss - How a Photo Session with Two '70s Pornstars Made This Busty Babe Famous

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They say timing is everything. Rosalie Strauss could be the vintage poster for that saying. While her career in the mid didn't last very long, this super busty '70s pornstar did have one glorious moment that would last for decades and cause generations of men to fall in love with her and curvy teenage body.

Breathtaking woman Rosalie Strauss seductively leaning forward to expose her curves

Breathtaking woman Rosalie Strauss seductively leans forward to expose her curves

Rosalie becomes one of the "trio" causing her tits and bush to become famous

When this large-chested model got offered the one-day shoot during the summer of , Rosalie Strauss assumed it would be like the other photo shoots she had done - "Delinquent School Girls." Little did she know she was about to become famous. The shoot was scheduled to have her posing with two other famous women (Roberta Pedon and Nika Movenka), which was pretty standard at the time. A little less common was that it was going to be shot by relatively well-known photographers John Kirk and Maurice Smith. There would be photos and an 8 mm film shot.

As the shoot unfolded Rosalie Strauss, and the ladies undressed each other then slathering each other's bodies with oil before jumping into a pool and splashing around. The results were magnificent! Rosalie went tit for tit with the other girls, showing off her incredible body and beautiful, as she massaged with her and ran her hands all over the other girl's bodies as they played with the oil. The good times continued to roll as they got into the pool and had some wet wild fun.

The resulting 8 mm movie and photos would become known as the "Trio" and would go on to appear in numerous magazines. The video was shown for years and to this day photos, especially outtakes, from that day are a hot commodity among collectors. Rosalie Strauss, her big DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) breasts, and her two co-stars set the bar for what a sexy, should be and forever etched their names into the Mount Rushmore of . If you want to watch how Rosalie looks like in a video - join Vintage Cuties right now.

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Rosalie's rack, DD/E cup tits and ass create an erotic frenzy

Rosalie Strauss was active and working in the mid-1970s right as photographers were switching from black and white to color, so this vixen has a nice mix of both types of pictures. In one incredible shot Rosalie relaxes in a chair wearing only a hat and a smile. Her gigantic tits are on full display as she pushes them together. We get a glimpse of the , but she has her legs together.

lovers will lust over one of her black and white shots where she stretches out on a chair. We get another eyeful of those wonderful boobs, but with her hips pressed out, and her back arched, her is the star of the show.

There aren't a lot of great shots of her , but one in particular stands out where she is on her knees on a couch leaned over with her booty sticking out. Rosalie Strauss had some serious junk in that trunk!

With an all-natural, curvy body and a genuine smile, Rosalie could easily have been that you worked with at the office who suddenly decided to show the world what was under her clothes.

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Rosalie Strauss has a short career with a long, erotic history

Although this retro pornstar only worked for a brief time and only appeared in a handful of shoots, Rosalie's natural beauty and curves fit perfectly with the of that time. That, mixed with the fame of the "Trio" shoot, allowed for her pictures to be reprinted in various men's magazines for years to come.

Near the end of her career she got a role in the sexploitation movie "Delinquent School Girls," however, her participation in the film didn't excite her enough to make her want to pursue any acting career, so Rosalie Strauss left the business and moved on with her life.

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