Sharon Wells - Big Tit Model with the Puffiest Nipples in America and a Love of Sexy Stockings

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'60s pinup girl, Sharon Wells had stunningly sexy that would drive any man wild with the desire to take them into his mouth and suck sensually. In both color and black and white images the girl with the toothy grin and gorgeous legs modeled lusty and her world class to anyone that wanted to gaze upon their beauty.

Astonishing babe Sharon Wells lying in luxurious white lingerie and black stockings

Astonishing babe Sharon Wells lies in luxurious white lingerie and black stockings

Little is known of Sharon Wells (also known as Sharon and Sharon Welles), an model that epitomized good looks and sweetness and owned a pair of 36DD/E US (80E EU/Int, see Table 2) with the puffiest any man had ever seen. It was those nipples, which inspired many a naughty fantasy that kept photographers shooting hot pictures of this goddess. Her beautiful, toothy smile was utterly irresistible and you'll see it in most pictures since she was inclined to make use of her best feature in the name of making great content for her fans.

Sweet girl with a nice bush and natural tits poses fully nude

Sharon's career began in the early '60s and the sweet California girl had a short, sexy hairstyle that was hugely popular back then but would still look fantastic today, especially since her blond locks were so soft and thick. In a few sets, she has long and she wears it with bangs. There's one particular set where she's in a headband and she looks as cute and wholesome as a girl could, with the exception of her arousing big boobs and the puffy nipples.

This vintage pornstar never did much with her fingernails, keeping them short and unpainted or going with a manicure that features white tips. Seeing as how she was a fairly adorable and sweet-looking 35-22-35 inches (89-56-89 centimeters, see Table 1) babe Sharon kept her makeup relatively simple, indulging in a bit of eye liner from time to time and occasionally dressing her lips in a beautiful coat of lipstick.

She was a fan of big earrings and they work exceptionally well with her big smile and make her look even more feminine and sweet like the '60s beauty she was. You'll spot the occasional ring on her fingers as well.

"Nylon Party" hired Sharon Wells on multiple occasions, putting her in sexy and creating her most memorable photo sets. In one, she poses with a brunette girl as they both wear black with garter belts and hold ups and it wasn't the only time she played with another chick on camera.

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Her single most arousing photo shoot featured Sharon in black fishnet stockings and black lace panties with garters attached. She was topless and it's in full color so you can enjoy every bit of her beauty, including her dark eyes and her big eyelashes. Her most arousing lingerie set has her in a white with black fishnet stockings and her short hair styled so the bangs end just above her eyes, making for a seriously sexy look.

In addition to the girl-girl picture mentioned above, Sharon Wells posed in another set where she and a beauty enjoy a glass of wine together while making eye contact in a surprisingly fashion. There's a third shoot where both ladies are dressed up in sexy bras, sheer stockings, and sexy panties with garter belts, that is among the finest you'll ever see, including modern work. In yet another incredible girl gallery, she's fully naked poolside with a brunette babe and her natural DD/E US (E EU/Int) cup tits and she too has puffy nipples.

Fishnets and Nylons Look Amazing on This Puffy-Nippled Model

Though she was typically dressed in , Sharon wasn't shy about showing her lower half, including her trimmed and sexy . This retro sex star had a sexy and tight ass and slim legs, which is why she was so incredible as a stockings models and why so much of her work featured her legs encased in smooth nylons or smoking hot fishnets. There's a great photo shoot with her in animal print that's damn beautiful too and the way they cling to her tight butt is a delight.

Most of Sharon's content was shot indoors in what could be the same house though it's hard to tell. She's primarily in the bedroom and living room as she plays on the furniture with that gorgeous smile on her face. She headed on a few occasions, posing in the backyard with a pool and plenty of sunshine. Her work is a mixture of color and black and white photos and both have their merits, though it's hard not to love the lovely color of her hair and the pinkness of her nipples in the color images.

Vintage movie fans can enjoy Sharon's roles in such retro films of the as "The Animal" () (where she is a Blonde Lesbian), "All the Way Down" (), "A Sweet Sickness" () (where she starred an Orgy Girl), "The Kill" (), "Girl in Shower" () and "Hedonistic Pleasures" (). There also was a movie titled "Blow the Man Down" () where Sharon had a role together with another famous busty sex star Michelle Angelo.

Fans of puffy nipples must endeavor to explore the work of Sharon Wells because hers are truly among the finest examples you'll ever see across the whole of porn production. They are her most unique feature, so it should come as no surprise that they are almost always the focus of her efforts in front of the camera. She tailors her poses to highlight the nipples, which look their best when she's sitting and the are hanging in their most natural position.

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Sharon Wells Wants You to Dream of Her Big Tits and Nipples

This classic puffy-nippled sex kitten rarely grabs her breasts because she wants to make sure you can always see her nipples and fantasize about taking them in your mouth and sucking lustily. She's a real model that wanted men to exult in the irresistible nature of her beauty and her sexy titties.

Sharon Wells had a short-lived career as a pin-up and it's disappointing that more of what she produced hasn't survived. Vintage Cuties has put together an impressive collection though and as a member you get access to everything from her amazing to her sensual nudes with her puffy nipples front and center. Join now to browse her fantastic pictures and check out hundreds of other .

Sharon Wells body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Sharon Wells physical body statistics
Bust size35 in89 cm
Waist size22 in56 cm
Hip size35 in89 cm
Measurements35-22-35 in89-56-89 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Sharon Wells?

Table 2

Sharon Wells bra size and breast cup size
Bra size36DD/E80E36DD95E4E14DDE80
What bra and cup size did Sharon Wells wear?
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