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This page contains vintage striptease porn pics from the late 19th century to the late '80s. Meet the dazzling women of the retro era who would get men's dicks hard as fuck by simply removing their clothes with sensual music playing in the background - sometimes even in silence.

Watch erotic striptease performance photos from burlesque scenes and strip clubs - naughty housewives stripteasing for their husbands and prostitutes giving the lucky men of the time their money's worth through the sensual practice.

The term 'striptease' was first used in the early 1930s to refer to slowly but gradually removing one's clothes as a performance art or to intentionally arouse sexual feelings. The history of stripteasing is widely disputed, with some arguing that it began in 20th-century America. In contrast, others state that there's evidence the practice is as old as civilization.

Well, as far as ancient history goes, the aspects of stripteasing have been recorded in ancient Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, and Roman history, not to mention Biblical times. As with every erotic practice throughout the times, stripteasing was heavily featured in vintage porn magazines as foreplay or complete erotic performance in burlesque dances and stripping in cabarets and strip clubs.

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