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When you think of the classic 1950s all-American , you might envision Donna Watkins in your mind. With her flowing dark hair, statuesque body completely with hips that will drive you wild and perfect, symmetrical boobs that feature smallish nipples, but nice, large areolas, she looks like she could be painted on the side of a bomber or tattooed on a sailor's arm.

Gorgeous dark haired Donna Watkins with luscious dark lips and lusty boobs

Gorgeous dark-haired Donna Watkins with luscious dark lips and lusty tits

Donna enjoyed and did it for many years. Her photo collection includes vintage pictures of her when she was and fresh to the business as well as some photographs where she is clearly older, but still incredibly hot. Perhaps Donna Watkins, also known as Tana The Temptress, Tana and Tana Dobeen, was America's first !

Donna Watkins loves to get naked outside

It is probably pretty safe to say that Donna Watkins was an exhibitionist because her portfolio is packed with pictures of her getting . From simple photos of her standing nude in the yard to her topless at the beach holding a beach ball over her head while showing off her perfect chest globes to pictures of her relaxing outside with a few other women, she was never shy about sharing her incredible body with the great outdoors.

Donna's career including exciting shoots that found her posing as a nude fisherwoman to her in some very and even some pics of her dressed up as a maid that is just the right amount of naughty. This big breasted retro pornstar tends to keep it classy and never actually gives us a full view of her , but there are enough pics where it is just barely covered and we can tell that she likes to keep it groomed. There doesn't appear to be any big bush in this nature lover's life.

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Fashion and famous landmarks, Donna gets naked around Los Angeles

As her career progressed, we saw Donna Watkins do a number of different kinds of shoots in some very sexy . In one famous set, she and another model pose in garters, high waist panties and stockings in front of a wagon wheel. It is the perfect blend of old west meets sexy modern models. Donna's playful poses show her natural 38D US (85D EU/Int, see Table 1) tits from the side and her ample apple bottom booty in all its round glory.

In another famous set, she posed with two other women at the famous "mural painted behind a pool at screenwriter Jack McDermott's home. It became a highly sought after location for photographers and models alike. Donna Watkins appeared in a series that would become known as the "Three Graces" where she and two other models start off wearing , panties and stockings, but slowly strip out of them until all three are nude.

We get a great view of Donna from every angle including her long, firm legs and her sweet, heart shaped ass. This queen keeps her legs together but shows enough skin to have you forming a pool of drool. We have Donna and her mouthwatering inside of Vintage Cuties, join now and enjoy her naked.

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The more the merrier; Donna prefers to play with other women

Donna Watkins was never shy about sharing the spotlight. On many occasions, she posed with other women. While they never touched each other, there was always a certain smoldering sexuality in the shoots. Donna's favorite smile was one that told you she had something just a little bit naughty brewing behind her beautiful blue eyes.

No matter if was fashionable clothing, sexy , and erotic lingerie or wearing nothing at all, anytime Donna stepped in front of the camera she left the lens smoking.

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Donna Watkins breast and bra sizes

Table 1

Donna Watkins bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38D85D38D100D5D16DD85
What bra and cup size did Donna Watkins wear?
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