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The Victorian Era was a 60-year period that roughly corresponded with the reign of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. It's an era characterized by breakthroughs in science and art and a surge in sex film interest following the invention of the first motion camera.

Since we've established that porn is as old as the first camera, there was vintage porn produced during the Victorian era. We keep our vintage Victorian-Era porn videos on this page for you that is curious about how people fucked back in the day.

Spoiler alert - we're merely recycling sex positions and fetishes going by the XXX movies in this section. Swinging was a thing during this era; friends would share and swap sexual partners precisely as you've always fantasized about but never actualized.

There were a lot of gangbangs and group sex, as well. Since polygamy wasn't a bad thing back then, you'll find videos of men fucking two women in a fascinating FFM.

The films are black and white, probably shot in , Louis Le Prince's first motion camera or Edison's Kinetograph.

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