Linda Gordon - Nude Pornstar Whose Huge Tits and Hairy Pussy Dominated the '70s and '80s

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Few models were as popular as or as often photographed in the and 1980s as Linda Gordon. Gracing the covers and of every major men's magazine in circulation, Linda was a stacked, hardcore force of nature - a true '80s pornstar with huge tits, puffy nipples and a big hairy pussy.

Breathtaking beauty Linda Gordon enjoys touching herself with a feather

Breathtaking beauty Linda Gordon enjoys touching herself with a feather

Linda and her world class body explode onto the scene and turn an entire nation on

Linda was born on (age 71) in California (United States), under the name Stephanie Blum. As soon as she appeared on the scene in , photographers and fans alike couldn't get enough of 21-year-old Linda Gordon and her luscious body. This vintage pornstar had that perfect blend of girl-next-door innocence and charm mixed with a very naughty side. Linda was the girl you could take home to and for dinner and know they would love her then later when you got her alone, and the clothes came off she would rock your world.

Right from the start Linda Gordon (also known as Stephanie Platt) shared every inch of her fine body with her fans. Her 38-23-34 inches (97-58-86 centimeters, see Table 2), DD/E cup US (E EU/Int), 5 feet, 4 inches (163 centimeters), 112 pounds (51 kilograms) body was packed with sexy curves, yet it was still trim enough that you got a sense she might be a little bit athletic. This hairy pussy harlot had a beautiful smile and great 38DD/E US (85E EU/Int, see Table 3) boobs that defied gravity with their perkiness. She also had a lovely, that seemed to be the focal point of most of her shoots.

Linda became so popular so quickly that she had magazines lining up to shoot her. In alone she appeared in no fewer than twelve magazines: "Guys and Gals," "Cavalier," "Best for Men," "Candid," "Male," "Cavalcade," "Rascal," "For Men Only," "Mr.," "Man's Delight", "Gent," "Gem" and others. From centerfolds to covers, Linda Gordon was all over the newsstand with her great breasts and natural hairy bush on display for all her fans.

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The cover girl goes bad when Linda fucks in some adult movies

It was commonplace at the time for to appear in 8 mm nudie films. These were just short movies that featured the model , posing nude or looking sexy in some . Linda took that to a whole new ball-throbbing level when she dabbled in .

There were some signs early on that Linda Gordon would be up for some hardcore action. In one photo shoot, she licks her and in another she poses with another sexy woman who does the nipple licking. Linda's puffy, large nipples must have tasted like sweet candy because the girls she hooked up with always seemed euphoric. This was just a foreshadowing of the hardcore fun that was about to come.

As the came around, and more porn movies started getting made, Linda Gordon took her furry twat to the big screen and starred in some hardcore flicks. In one such movie she sprawls out next to the pool fully nude then she goes inside where she meets a guy who fingers her tight pussy before letting her get on top so she can impale herself on his . This sexy, naughty girl-next-door rides him like a kinky cowgirl!

In another movie, she teams up with a sexy woman as they dress like gangsters then slowly strip off each other's clothes and spend some quality time licking each other's pussies. These two ladies dive tongue first into the bush and give each other body-rocking, toe curling orgasms.

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Linda Gordon mixes softcore, hardcore and lesbian action

While this symbol didn't do a whole lot of , those movies she did star in were erotic and memorable. Still, while getting her brains banged out on camera was fun, she also continued to stick with her first love and model for magazines. Her shoots often varied from the very and artistic to the very raunchy where she would spread her wide open and play.

From "Male" to "Knockers," "Gent" to "Rascal," Linda graced the pages of so many magazines in her 14-year career that it is hard to keep count of them all. It is safe to say you couldn't visit a shop to buy a men's magazine in the and not see Linda Gordon's pussy or natural tits.

As the 1980s came to an end Linda's career started slowing down and in she ended up moving on to other ventures, but she left behind a bush and filled legacy that is still leaving men breathless and hard to this very day.

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Linda Gordon body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Linda Gordon wiki and facts
BornApril 12, 1953 (age 71)
Years active1974-1988
Started around21 years old
In business14 years
AliasesStephanie Platt, Stephanie Blum
What are the interesting facts about Linda Gordon?

Table 2

Linda Gordon physical body statistics
Height5 ft 4 in163 cm
Weight112 lb51 kg
Bust size38 in97 cm
Waist size23 in58 cm
Hip size34 in86 cm
Measurements38-23-34 in97-58-86 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Linda Gordon?

Table 3

Linda Gordon bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38DD/E85E38DD100E5E16DDE85
What bra and cup size did Linda Gordon wear?
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