Marge Mellor - '50s Classic Beauty from New York Whose Figure Just Screams Sex

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With her classically beautiful, defined features, full lips and lovely brown eyes, Marge Mellor may not have been the most popular pinup girl in the . But this vintage nude model was one of the most beautiful and one that was highly sought after by photographers.

Vintage pinup Marge Mellor poses for the camera with her big mushy boobs

Vintage pinup Marge Mellor poses for the camera with her big mushy tits

Marge's amazing rack catches the eye of some famous photographers

When you have a set of glorious double-D's that hang perfectly on your chest and have sand dollar size, perfectly smooth, like Marge does, word spreads quickly and people start to pay attention.

When Marge Mellor broke into modeling in the late in New York (USA), she made an immediate splash. Her long legs, slender body and tight ass along with those flawless were perfectly suited for and modeling.

Her unique look and sizzling sexuality caught the eye of photographer Irving Klaw, who was famous for his work with Bettie Page. He quickly took an interest in Marge and would go on to photograph her during many of her sexy shoots.

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Marge Mellor lights up the screen with her smoldering sexuality

It didn't take long before Marge and her were regularly booking shoots that featured her lighting up the screen in sexy lingerie of different types. One such shoot found Marge Mellor wearing a hot black lacy outfit and wearing a gun. This vintage pornstar is the most erotic criminal you will ever lay eyes, or if you are lucky hands, on.

Marge often would start out wearing a sexy outfit like a dress, or a pair of slacks and a bulky sweater that covered much of her body and left your eyes to linger on her beautiful face or her perfectly manicured fingernails. Then, as the shoot progressed, the clothes would come off. Sometimes Marge Mellor was left topless in stockings, garters and panties and other times she was completely nude. She clearly knows just how to move her body and arch her back so that no matter how much or how little she is wearing her perfect figure just screams sex.

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Approachability, great cans and a perfect ass make Marge popular

While she wasn't as well-known as some of her contemporaries, Marge Mellor was popular in the New York (USA) area and worked steadily. There was no denying her glorious C-cup boobs brought in viewers and her lingerie shots made men drool. Her cover shot of "Buxie" magazine that finds her in some explosively hot black that shows her long legs in all their glory and her beautiful as the work of art it deserved to be worshiped as.

One of Marge's best features was her approachable personality. While other star from that era appeared otherworldly in many ways, Marge Mellor was gorgeous, but still the kind of girl you could approach and talk to. The idea of getting to know her as opposed to just starting at her drool-inducing body made her a fan favorite.

Marge occasionally worked with other models, but there was never much in the way of any hanky panky going on. This retro sex gem kept it softcore, sensual and sexy. She was always at her best when she was alone, topless or in an attractive setting. One of her few color photos shows her sitting naked with a piece of cloth on her lap barely covering her pussy.

Her fantastic tits are on full display and look so eye-popping perfect even she can't keep her hands off of them. Another great color shot shows her sitting topless in a downpour of balloons, confetti and ribbons. Seeing her wet, shiny lipstick and breasts hanging, pressed between her arms will cause a party in your pants.

Marge would pose nude, but she never went so we can only guess at what she had hidden down south. In some of her shoots, we get a near view that leads us to believe that she kept things neat and trimmed.

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