Penny Ellington - Huge Saggy Tits American Model of the '70s who Never Posed in Lingerie

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Penny Ellington's short-lived career as a huge model left behind a sexy collection of topless and . She was beautiful, curvy, and skilled at showing off those incredible torpedo boobs, often letting them hang so guys could ogle and dream of handling those vintage saggy titties with eager fingers. Her huge areolas and lovely nipples always drove the men wild and still do to this day.

Sexy Penny Ellington with blonde curls provoking her good looking round ass in jeans

Sexy Penny Ellington with blonde curls provoking her good looks round ass in jeans

Born in (age 74) in Southern Califorina (USA) the adult modeling career of Penny Ellington (also known as Penny, Penny Pontoons, Tupence and Tupenny) burned brightly for a year before she stepped away from the business forever. It clearly wasn't the lifestyle for her as she never fully embraced it, doing all her work for Art Enterprises and most of it with photographer John Kirk.

Perhaps this well-endowed star needed some money quick or perhaps she simply didn't like showing off her big breasts, either way she was done before she had even a year of work. However, she did leave behind a fair amount of content so there's plenty to get a have a good wank to.

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Huge areolas and big torpedo tits make the mouth water

Penny's tits, which were measured at 42DD/E US (95E EU/Int, see Table 3), had a fairly unique look that made them stand out amongst a crowded field of ladies competing for the attention of fanatics. You might call them hangers and you could even call them saggy though it wouldn't be meant in a negative way. They're glorious and they look exactly how some huge boobs look, which is to say they're lovely and would be great fun to play with.

In fact, there's a sexy photo spread where she's in the shower washing the titties and she has her soapy hands all over them and it looks like great fun. You can see her laughing and smiling as she cleans her natural breasts and then moves down to her pussy to wash the thick and her lovely labia.

Penny Ellington made good use of her by giving us a wealth of pictures where she's leaning over and they're hanging down in the most mouth-watering fashion. They look like gorgeous breast torpedoes in that position and the mind dreams up all sorts of naughty scenarios as it takes in such a wondrous vision.

How could you not imagine fondling her heavy hooters when she's bent over or think about taking her from behind, especially when she has a lusty look on her face that makes it seem like she's already getting fucked.

Voluptuous Penny Ellington was eager to show her hot body

This chubby vintage pornstar was a thick 41-24-38 inches (104-61-97 centimeters, see Table 2) girl with a nice big ass, wide hips, and a bit of a belly, which is why Penny had such . She wore the weight well though and never looked anything but exceptionally sexy in her magazine spreads. Between her legs was a thick bush of dark that she frequently showed off with confidence.

Despite her massive upper half, her legs were rather slender and looked toned and sexy. Her lips were quite sultry with an incredible plumpness that inspired desires to . Her left eye was just a little bit lazy, giving her a unique charm. In a few pics, especially the small selection of color images she did, you can see just a hint of her from behind the outcropping of hair.

Though she worked for only a year (from to ), 24-year-old Penny Ellington managed to be both and brunette in that time. As a blonde, she almost always had straight hair that ended in upturned curls and as a it was typically straight with just a hint of waviness at the ends.

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Sexy eye makeup and a beautiful bush of pubic hair make Penny smoking hot

Her color photos are particularly arousing because you can appreciate the incredible eye makeup she liked to wear. It may not be everyone's taste, but the dense and colorful eye shadow combined with sexy eyeliner and mascara to enhance her lashes is devastatingly sexy. Her cheeks were typically red with blush and she kept her lips simple. In almost all of her pictures, she wore a simple beaded necklace and eschewed all other jewelry to keep the focus on her staggeringly sexy big .

Almost everything Penny shot was done at the apartment of her favorite photographer, so expect lots of indoor pictures in fairly simple settings. It's a beautiful place so it looks good, but it's hard to stare at anything other than her huge tits anyway so it matters little where she took the pictures.

There are of her playing by and in the pool and the color versions of those are a real treat as you can appreciate the gorgeous natural lighting and how it highlighted her beautiful face and sexy .

For the most part, Penny Ellington posed and was always solo, only occasionally wearing a simple shirt that she would pull off and play with to expose her tits to you. This bosomy beauty never posed in , which was somewhat rare for the ladies of her day.

If her career had gone on longer, she probably would have, but it ended before she got a chance to expand her repertoire. Her fingernails were long enough that they might have been press ons and she loved to paint them, going with a lovely red for much of her photo work and occasionally in yellow.

Penny's notable magazine appearances include "Night and Day: Super Mamas" (), "Gem" (), and "Fling" () and you can see the entirety of those shoots in the member's area of Vintage Cuties. Join now and you get every picture this plump hottie ever shot and can freely ogle her in all their droopy glory along with her huge areolas and fat ass.

Penny Ellington body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Penny Ellington wiki and facts
Born1950 (age 74)
Years active1974-1975
Started around24 years old
In business1 years
AliasesPenny Pontoons
What are the interesting facts about Penny Ellington?

Table 2

Penny Ellington physical body statistics
Bust size41 in104 cm
Waist size24 in61 cm
Hip size38 in97 cm
Measurements41-24-38 in104-61-97 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Penny Ellington?

Table 3

Penny Ellington bra size and breast cup size
Bra size42DD/E95E42DD110E7E20DDE95
What bra and cup size did Penny Ellington wear?
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