Paula Page - British Sex Symbol of a Pinup with Big Torpedo-Shaped Tits and Shaved Pubic Hair

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It was her spectacular set of big tits that lifted Paula Page to great fame as a topless model in her home country of England. The irresistible cutie packed plenty of sex appeal into a tight body and in dazzling , sexy dresses, and nude sets she used her indescribably hot hooters to stir the loins of her legion of male fans two great heights of lust.

Blonde babe Paula Page with delicious silky rack enjoying a soft breeze in the nature

Blonde babe Paula Page with delicious luxurious breasts enjoys a soft breeze in the nature

Born in pinup girl but felt compelled to bare her incredible breasts for the camera just because they garnered such attention and provided such pleasure to her fans. At school, she studied to be a typist though she never did get a job doing so. Instead, she got into modeling almost entirely because so many men couldn't resist staring at and commenting on her even when they were covered by demure clothing. Boobs like that can't be hidden from the world.

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Paula Page followed her huge breasts to fame and fortune

Her modeling career began in the late and it wasn't long before she was the most popular busty babe in all of England. Before it was over, she appeared in more than 1,000 magazines, a truly staggering number. Magazine publishers knew that if they had Paula on the cover they would sell more copies, which led to bigger paydays and more gigs for the British . Through it all she was never quite comfortable with the attention, often saying that she was embarrassed by the attention her 44-23-36 inches (112-58-91 centimeters, see Table 1) figure and tits brought her.

The money was simply too good to turn down though and this well-endowed vintage pornstar continued modeling for many years before retiring to become a caretaker for a splendid mansion and live out her days ensconced in beauty. She remains a legend among fans of big boobs and will maintain that status forever.

The popularity of Paula Page (also known as "Two Guns" Paula Page, Pearl White and Nadia Domaska) was rooted in her breasts. She was a good looking blue-eyed girl, of course, but those 44DD/E US (100E EU/Int, see Table 2) torpedo-shaped tits were unquestionably the most irresistible thing about her (seriously, in certain poses her breasts look like bombs ready to be dropped on your head in a shower of pure delight). Her were perfect too, with proportional areolas and hard nubs of soft flesh in the middle.

The idea that this classic XXX superstar just followed to great success and fame in the modeling world is incredible, as if she knew she had been given a gift from above and had to share it with everyone even if it wasn't her first choice.

Thankfully for us she showed off her knockers in a truly breathtaking number of photo spreads and a small selection of sexy movies that you can watch at Vintage Cuties if you join now. like hers are almost always accompanied by a curvy waist and a beautiful fat ass and Paula doesn't disappoint in that department. Her is world class and her legs are actually quite slender.

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Sexy Paula Page exposes her huge natural juggs

Great beauty, sensual poses, and mouth-watering curves made her irresistible

Standing at 5 feet (152 centimeters) tall, Paula Page put more effort into her poses than most pinup beauties. She rarely settled for something simple, instead preferring to find a breathtaking variety of ways to show off her titties. A girl can do so much with her arms, posture, and to make her natural breasts look better and throughout her career this British goddess explored them all. Some are better than others, of course, but her never look anything other than fabulous and sometimes they are indeed mind-blowing.

You will likely come across images you find truly unbelievable and you might end up staring at them for so long you get lost in the beauty of the breasts you're looking at. There's a reason she was so hugely popular in England.

She had a wicked sexy pair of lips and loved to coat them in lipstick, typically red because it's just so damn hot. Her eye makeup was always of the classy variety and if she wore jewelry it tended to be a simple necklace or a string of pearls. Paula never went trashy with her sets; she was all about looking like a classy sex bomb, which is why her hair was always flawlessly styled.

This large-chested retro sex star was both a blonde and brunette in her career, switching when she felt like doing something new and different. She was a fan of press on nails, going with a long look and usually in red because they made her feel sexy. She liked to play a part when she was on camera, as if she was another girl entirely, which helped her get over the hesitations she had about being a buxom nude model.

Over the course of her prolific career, Paula Page posed in all manner of outfits and though it was exceedingly rare that her breasts would be covered or even obscured. She and her photographers knew what people wanted and they weren't shy about delivering it. You'll see her in sexy smooth , bustiers, corsets, sheer nightgowns, , blouses, satin gloves, and more.

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Blonde vintage babe models her shaved british pussy

Plus, there are numerous fully nude shots of her, including some with her shaved pussy exposed. British babes of that era often shaved their pubic hair, unlike their American counterparts that preferred to keep it hairy. There's a bit of excitement to seeing a girl from the with a smooth though.

Most of her work is in black and white, but you will find color photos mixed in and they're wonderful as they allow you to really appreciate the details of her beauty, especially when she's in red lipstick. Paula was exclusively a pinup model, a decision that was made because everyone knew her big tits were the real draw and there was no desire to distract from them.

She mainly posed indoors, including lots of close shots that concentrated on her breasts over everything else. You will occasionally find her enjoying the splendor of nature where her big boobs could breathe. Her movie work is confined to shorts that usually featured Paula alone and modeling her boobs. Guys saw them in the magazines and wanted a video to see how they moved and how they looked in her soft hands.

To be a fan of Paula Page is to be a fan of big breasted perfection as she is one of the most popular pin-up girls of all time in Britain. Her massive tits with their mouth-watering shape and her sensual curves had men howling at the moon with great lust and Vintage Cuties has built an incredible collection of pictures from her magazine spreads over the years that members get instant access to. Join now and you get to see high-resolution images of her amazing boobs.

Paula Page body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Paula Page physical body statistics
Height5 ft152 cm
Bust size44 in112 cm
Waist size23 in58 cm
Hip size36 in91 cm
Measurements44-23-36 in112-58-91 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Paula Page?

Table 2

Paula Page bra size and breast cup size
Bra size44DD/E100E44DD115E8E22DDE100
What bra and cup size did Paula Page wear?
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