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pornstar Lorraine Burnette boasts big natural breasts and a smoking hot curvy body to go with her irresistible cuteness and comfort in front of the camera. Whether playing in the nude or modeling a hot lingerie set she looks perfect and explores a breathtaking array of ways to pose to make men stiff in their shorts.

Vintage busty maid Lorraine Burnette wearing fishnets and luxurious satin gloves

Vintage busty maid Lorraine Burnette wears fishnets and luxurious satin gloves

Born in Manchester, England in (age 87), or , Lorraine Burnette grew up training to be a dancer and was always eager to show her skills to adoring crowds. She had to wait until to find her first success in the adult entertainment business, but in she moved to Windmill Theater. Soon she graduated to dancing in clubs and quickly made a name for herself as one of the hottest babes in all of London.

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Talented cabaret dancer poses for pinup pictures and becomes a star

Lorraine's act was a hit for its combination of sexiness and skill, in particular, her ability to make the tassels on her nipples swing in circles. The trick was getting each one to swing in a different direction at the same time, something no other girls could figure out how to replicate.

According to friends and photographers she worked with, Lorraine was an exceptionally quiet girl in private but blossomed fully when performing. A surprising number of artists are that way, and she was clearly no exception. It takes more than a beautiful face and a hot 42-24-36 inches (107-61-91 centimeters, see Table 2), 5 feet, 7 inches (170 centimeters) body to draw crowds as a , and this vintage beauty managed to do so for years.

It's her work in magazines that has stood the test of time though, both because she was so astonishingly prolific and because she had a knack for producing more consistently exciting and arousing content than her peers. She became a favorite of noted photographers Harrison Marks and Russell Gay, ensuring her place in men's magazines for as long as she desired, which it turns out was a period of more than a decade.

This stacked vintage pornstar most famously appeared in the pages of "Kamera" nearly two dozen times, but other magazines that published her pictures include "Fling," "Bosomy Beauties," "Coral," "Gem," "Kingsize," "Monsieur," "Sprite," "Revels" and "Knave." In some magazine publications she was credited as Lorainne Burnette and Sally Hayden. For many of the "Kamera" magazine photos Lorraine has posed together with Rosa Domaille. Throughout her brilliant XXX career Lorraine also appeared in over 50 short glamour and - loops.

Breathtaking tits and curvy hips are irresistible on Lorraine Burnette

Stupendously perky breasts are the first thing you'll notice as you browse through Lorraine Burnette pictures. They're natural 42DD/E US (95E EU/Int, see Table 3) cups (perhaps DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cups) but they ride remarkably high on her chest. She had a trim, fit looking body and kept it that way throughout her career, so perhaps her genetic good luck and dedication to keeping up her looks helped make her boobs so perky. After you give up staring at her it's hard not to notice that she rarely shows her teeth and almost never smiles in her pictures.

This bosomy DD/E cup US (E EU/Int) star hides her teeth because she never liked them, and she was worried they would derail her career. The upper teeth protrude, giving a bit of a buck tooth look that clashes with her appearance as a sexy and seductive babe, so you can understand why she would hide them. It can be a bit odd at first, but it often ends up making her look sexier as her lips are so frequently pouty and sensual.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of nude Lorraine Burnette images thanks to the prolific nature of her career, so you're treated to a little of everything that was popular from in the 1950s and . Outside of a few shoots where she was likely wearing a wig, her hair is almost always short and shifts between blonde and . It's a cute look and since she has a fairly adorable face the hair being short works well. The sets with long hair are a lovely change of pace that end up being extra thrilling because they look so different.

As with any pin-up model, you see Lorraine's big natural breasts plenty. They're gorgeous even when obscured, like in the cover for "Frolic" magazine where she's in a breathtaking low cut sheer blue nightgown with her titties practically falling out of it.

There's a great picture of her as a sweater babe in "Garter Parade" magazine where her push against the soft wool as she pulls up her dress to show her and attached garters. She was proud of her body from head to toe and would occasionally turn around and give a full ass shot, showing and wide hips to the camera.

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Sexy lingerie and stockings modeled by an English beauty

Lorraine Burnette was no stranger to lingerie, even when she was showing off her big boobs. Stockings were a particular favorite, as were basques and the occasional corset that would leave her titties exposed. This classic temptress exposed her rarely, making each view of her shaved nether regions a treat.

She was one of the few ladies of her era to eschew , and it's quite the treat when you find a picture with everything down below open for viewing. Mostly she posed alone, showing up with other girls just a few times for two ladies topless photos. Her experience as a dancer left her with strong, sturdy legs to support her curves, and they always looked remarkably toned and sexy in pictures.

Lorraine preferred a simple approach to makeup, likely because her innate cuteness was one of her best features and heavy work with her face would have served to obscure it. A little mascara to extend her eyelashes was a sexy treat, and she would apply lipstick every now and then, particularly in her rare color photos. Most of her work was in black and white as she mainly posed during the time before color became the norm.

Few models were more prolific than cutie Lorraine Burnette, she of the impressive natural DD/E US (E EU/Int) cups and the beautiful curves. In lingerie and fully nude, the short-haired girl aroused millions of men both in England and the , performing in clubs as a dancer while continuing to shoot with popular photographers to bolster her reputation in magazines. Join Vintage Cuties now and browse through hundreds of nude pictures of the arousing woman in the member's area.

Lorraine Burnette body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Lorraine Burnette wiki and facts
Born1937 (age 87)
Years active1955-????
Started around18 years old
AliasesLorainne Burnett, Sally Hayden
What are the interesting facts about Lorraine Burnette?

Table 2

Lorraine Burnette physical body statistics
Height5 ft 7 in170 cm
Bust size42 in107 cm
Waist size24 in61 cm
Hip size36 in91 cm
Measurements42-24-36 in107-61-91 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Lorraine Burnette?

Table 3

Lorraine Burnette bra size and breast cup size
Bra size42DD/E95E42DD110E7E20DDE95
What bra and cup size did Lorraine Burnette wear?
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