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The Italian porn industry is proud of its rich history that was mentioned alongside the country's political and sexual rights movement.

Italy is among the few countries that can brag about antique porn, contributing to the fight for freedom of speech and sexual liberation. Porn was at the center of the Italian counterculture and sexual freedom movement of the mid-80s.

Italy had a vibrant underground porn industry even before the Golden Age of Porn. In fact, some of the oldest surviving porn videos are Italian. Some of them are presented here on our vintage Italian porn videos page.

This section features vintage porn dating around the 1910s, post- the Great Depression porn, and some from the fifties, '70s, and '80s when filmmakers competed for the right to make porn.

The common themes explored in these classic Italian XXX movies include lesbianism, group sex or orgy, and masturbation.

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Even in the grainiest B/W films, you still can't miss noticing the women's beauty; the big breasts, big asses, curves, and hairy pussies. The guys wielded huge intimidating cocks that the girls relished.

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