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Corsets were fashionable shapewear that rose in popularity around the 1830s to the Edwardian era when women were overly obsessed with curvy figures. The sexy ladies in ancient societies wore corsets to emphasize their curves and highlight their busts and hips.

Being the fashion trend of the retro eras, many vintage porn films produced between to the 1930s featured voluptuous women in sexy corsets. They were popular among burlesque dancers and pin-up models.

Girdles shortly replaced corsets around the 1930s, but they would soon resurge in the '50s to the '80s as a potent symbol of female empowerment. The vintage corset porn films in this category feature hot pin-ups in close-fitting undergarments getting naughty.

Meet gorgeous classic girls like the famous Mexican pornstar of the 1970s, Kitten Natividad, Barbara Pauline, and burlesque dancer Cherrie Knight, among several others dazzling in corsets.

The stag films feature hardcore and romantic sex scenes like steamy blowjobs, erotic threesomes, rough fucking, and fetish BDSM. Many movies roll in 8 mm black-and-white stag films with shoots from the Golden Age of Porn being colored.

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