Rosa Domaille AKA Eve Eden - British Nude Babe with Hourglass Figure from UK

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Rosa Domaille lived by the old expression "When you got it, flaunt it, baby!". This knockout of a British vintage nude babe had a hourglass figure with big tits that was the envy of all beautiful women in the early 1960s. Her delicious, large tits were always on display in her work. This UK retro pornstar was also fearless in letting her shaved pussy pose for the camera. And her gorgeous face was always beckoning men to behold her by giving the lens a captivating look or a sensious smile.

Astonishing brunette Rosa Domaille with soft red lips hides her curves
Astonishing brunette Rosa Domaille with soft red lips hides her curves

Born on August 30, 1940, in Norton Radstock in Somerset (England), to parents of Portuguese and English ancestry, this busty beauty's real name was either Rosa Anne Domaille, Dolmai, or possibly even Delmai or Delmar.

Her Mediterranean ancestry accounts for her exotic, dark looks. It comes as no surprise then that, one day in the mid-1950s, Rosa was discovered by an unidentified cameraman from Thames Valley Photographic Club who asked that she pose for a photo shoot. This curvaceous vintage sex star got paid a whopping 75 pence an hour for her first shoot. However, this series was such a success that this dark complected and lovely lady became a regular among the club members.

Despite Rosa Domaille's aspirations to achieve success as a tap dancer, she recognized her beauty would carry her further in life and dedicated herself to becoming a full-time nude model.

Rosa Domaille AKA Eve Eden porn photos:

Busty babe Rosa Domaille seductively biting her glasses
Busty babe Rosa Domaille seductively biting her glasses
Rosa Domaille takes off her sexy stockings
Rosa Domaille takes off her sexy stockings
Rosa Domaille poses outdoors in her fishnets
Rosa Domaille poses outdoors in her fishnets
Rosa Domaille with a tiny waist shows her hard nipples
Rosa Domaille with a tiny waist shows her hard nipples

Rosa Domaille was a stunning looking woman with a figure to match

And with her stunning looks, no one can blame her for making this career decision. Rosa Domaille had dark, wavy, raven hair that cascaded over her shoulders and had eyes to match. Her raised cheekbones helped make her smile incredibly engaging. Pearly white teeth flashed through when she smiled and were accented by her dark looks.

The rest of her 39-23-36 (99-58-91 cm), 5 feet 2.5 inches (1.59 m) body was equally mesmerizing. Her breasts were lovely and full, sloping down to where they terminated at her small but pointed nipples. Most likely she was a very full "C" boobs or maybe even a "D" cup in bra size. Her hourglass shape was framed by graceful but proportional arms and legs whose skin tone was amazingly uniform with the rest of her naked torso.

Rosa Domaille's ass was curvy with a slight drop to it as if each cheek was being pulled down slightly more by gravity than the rest of her. No man who lusted after her - and every gentleman lusted after her - would not want to rub up against it and behold its smoothness.

However, the element that all men noticed was this sexpot's shaved pussy. In a time when most women went "au naturel", this honey either sharply shaved back or even denuded herself of pubic hair. When contrasted with her dark, wavy hair and strong eyebrows, this feature looked fabulous.

This sexpot becomes one of the biggest names in men's magazines in the UK

Naturally, a woman this busty and stunning would come to the attention of the greatest names in adult men's magazine publishing and would become the centerpieces of their publications. Rosa Domaille's debut publication was in the June 1957 edition of "pinup girl featured prominently in the work of famed photographer Harrison Marks and was repeatedly used in his "Kamera" publication again and again in 1958.

Her success increased when Rosa was selected to do a duo shoot with famous model Lorraine Burnette, and was the March girl in the 1959 "Kamera" annual calendar.

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Soon after, this gorgeous dream girl graced the pages of numerous publications, including "Spick & Span", "Model", "Foto", "Hush", "QT", "Sleek", "Strip Lingerie", "Beautiful Britons", "Fan Fare", and "X For Men". Her English success soon became international when she was featured in publications that went across the globe like "Playboy", "Hi-Life", "Modern Man", "Fling", "Beau", "Knave", "Jade" and "Jem".

When posing, Rosa Domaille (who also got credited as Claudia de Merode) looked entirely natural in the nude. She also looked incredibly sexy, too, when dressed in sexy lingerie for her photo pictorials. Corsets, garter belts, thigh-high pantyhose and silky panties all looked incredible when contrasted against this stunner's body. In total, throughout her nude modeling career, this curvaceous bombshell had 48 magazine appearances and appeared on the covers of 17 men's magazines.

More pics of naked Rosa Domaille AKA Eve Eden:

Bombastic Rosa Domaille exposes her mushy dark nipples
Bombastic Rosa Domaille exposes her mushy dark nipples
Rosa Domaille takes off the robe to reveal her luscious curves
Rosa Domaille takes off the robe to reveal her luscious curves
Rosa Domaille in a gown that shows her silky tits
Rosa Domaille in a gown that shows her silky tits
Slim Rosa Domaille provoking with her slouchy boobs
Slim Rosa Domaille provoking with her slouchy boobs

When controvert finds her, she reinvents herself as Eve Eden

This British temptress was not without controversy, however. There were times in her career when Rosa posed in sequences that were considered "pornographic" for her day, including bondage shoots, being tied up in a cellar clad in stockings, knickers and suspenders - that sort of thing. Maybe it would be rather tame by contemporary standards, but it was scandalous by the social rules of the late '50s and early '60s. To escape this reputation, Rosa Domaille dyed her hair blond and reinvented herself - as the model known as "Eve Eden".

And it worked! From magazines, this stunner went on to score roles in TV commercials and appear on variety shows with Norman Wisdom and Benny Hill. She followed this up with appearances on the shows "Danger Man", "Deadline Midnight" and "Airline Detective".

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From this success, Eve Eden moved onto acting on the silver screen. Among her more prominent screen appearances are roles in "Naked Fury" (1959), "A Weekend with Lulu" (1961), "The Fall of the Roman Empire" (1964) and dozens of other films. Eve even landed a part in the The Beatles. This bosomy porn star would remain a staple of films into the early '70s.

Despite the "bondage" controversy of this stunning woman's early years, she remained rather stoic and free of scandal throughout the height of her success. At the age of 28, Eve Eden married 46-year-old bank manager from cooking and dancing.

This ravishing woman gave up the modeling and acting sometime in the mid-70s. She and her husband eventually moved to the United States and lived quietly away from the public's view. As of 2015, there are rumors the couple is still both alive and well.

Rosa Domaille/Eve Eden was at the top of men's pin-up publications in the U.K. back in the early '60s, but she was not the only lady whose sexy photos were used by men for masturbation. Want to see all the classic photos and movies of lusty hairy women posing and fucking? Get a Vintage Cuties membership now and we will show you all the top hardcore hotness from the past.

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