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When exactly history did women begin shaving their pubes? Well, suppose you've been a fan of retro porn. In that case, you must have noticed that before the forties, many women rocked hairy pubes leading one to mistakenly imagine that maybe waxing techniques hadn't yet been discovered.

On the contrary, shaving and waxing had been practiced in ancient Greek, Egypt, Rome, and India since 3,000 BC, which meant that spotting hairy pubes was merely a choice for most women.

Fast forward to the mid-1940s when bikinis had just been introduced. The infamous adult magazine 'Playboy' presented clean-shaven centerfolds as the benchmark for the era's beauty.

Women started trimming their bushes for aesthetic purposes; some were even featured in the vintage shaved porn videos on this page.

Notice how the stag films on this page date around the same period when bikini and lingerie models were the ultimate beauty icons, somewhere around World War II and the late 1980s.

These classic women look much hotter with their bald labia. They dominated the adult industry leading to modern porn as we know it. Watch vintage porn with horny men eating shaved pussy before stuffing their big hard cocks in cunts making the girls moan their way to orgasm.

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