Nika Movenka - Curvy Russian Pornstar with Huge Natural Tits & Thick Bush Between Legs

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Huge natural tits and luscious curves made pinup model Nika Movenka an irresistible force throughout her career in the '60s and '70s. She dazzles in men's magazines with her big boobs exposed, her hands fondling them lustily, and with her on display as a lusty smile crossed her face and men around the world stroked with fervent desire.

Seductive Nika Movenka with gorgeous red hair and big floppy nipples holding a teddy bear

Seductive Nika Movenka with gorgeous red hair and giant floppy nipples holds a teddy bear

Little is known of the early years of Nika Movenka outside of the fact that she was born in Russia and moved to Los Angeles (USA) hoping to put her talents - meaning her gorgeous - to use as a beautiful pin-up babe. Not surprisingly, it took her no time to find work showing off her knockers and she was soon regularly featured in magazines like "Fling," "Gent," "Busts and Bazooms," "KingSize" and "38-26-36."

This large-chested vintage pornstar posed for hundreds of shoots over the course of her career, which ran for roughly a decade from the mid-1960s. After retirement, she disappeared from the public eye and hasn't been heard from since, likely because she's living quietly in a happy place.

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38DD tits and wide hips made Nika Movenka perfect for busty babe magazines

Nika was a full-figured model and it was those curves that had the guys going wild with lust. When a woman has big breasts and wide hips she's utterly irresistible since you can't help but imagine being in bed with her and wrapping around arms around all of that soft flesh as you do naughty things with her. This Russian pinup was happy to play up those fantasies too, often playing to the camera with a lusty look on her face and eschewing the smiles that some girls offer.

She was all about driving you mad with desire and using her 38-26-34 inches (97-66-86 centimeters, see Table 1) measurements to do so. Nika's boobs were beautiful with big areolas, nipples that always seemed to be hard, and a bit of an outward lean due to their exceptional size. Her hips, stomach, and were always curvy, though in later years they got just a little bit bigger, which only served to make her more arousing.

Although it's hard to take your eyes off of her 38DD/E US (85E EU/Int, see Table 2) tits, if you browse pictures of Nika Movenka and you'll notice that she has a bigger nose than most of her contemporaries. It's something she was known for and it works in her favor instead of being a distraction. Despite its size, the nose looks great and goes well with her extra lips, which she would almost always make sure to dress up with a nice coating of shiny gloss or lipstick. Nika was fond of heavy eye makeup too, often going with a blue eye shadow and dark liner to enhance her sexiness.

The big nose and facial features made her look , which probably helped her career as it separated her from the crowd. This well-endowed retro sex bomb was a big fan of jewelry, often wearing multiple rings and bracelets in shoots and her fingernails tended to be painted a beautiful feminine color that can be best appreciated in her color images. Roughly half her work was in black and white and the other half in color.

Nika Movenka is a natural and often wore her hair brown, but she was fond of blonde looks too so roughly half her shoots were that style. She would often wear the big hairstyles of the time, with lots of wavy hair going up high and cascading down her shoulders in pursuit of the glamorous look men of that era craved in their ladies.

Vintage Cuties has pics where you can see the tendrils of her hair brushing against her and it never fails to be intensely arousing and feminine. She wasn't shy about showing her , something many women of the era weren't willing to do in magazines, and she had quite the thick and dark bush between her legs.

Lingerie and panties on a big tits babe are hugely arousing

Nika Movenka posed in though at a less frequent rate than many pinups of her era. When she did, it was mainly confined to , panties, and the occasional garter belt. She was the sort of model that men wanted to see in her natural state, which is not surprising given her mouth-watering curves. She looks awfully good in though, particularly when they're tight enough that the outline of her pussy lips shows.

Outside of lingerie, you'll occasionally see her in from the fashion of the era, including cute tops and tight pants. For the most part, this classic bosomy sex star was a nude model that was happy to show her glorious assets.

Most of Nika's content is shot indoors at various locations around the house. You'll see her in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, , and more. There's a lovely shower set where she pours thick cream onto her tits and the photographer gets pics of it pouring over her soft flesh and down her tummy, leaving a milky white coating behind.

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Nika stars in a naughty movie where her big boobs are on display

The movie career of Nika Movenka was short-lived with only one credit to her name, the film "Delinquent School Girls" (a movie also known by the title "Carnal Madness") which also featured appearances by such retro pornstars as Rosalie Strauss and Roberta Pedon. It's the story of three escaped convicts that attempt to break into an all girl's school and have their way with the ladies. There are , lots of big-breasted babes hanging out in swimsuits and soft lingerie, and a few sex scenes. It's a fairly standard sexploitation film of the era and Nika has a few nice scenes where you get to see her in action. She's credited as Marian Ghika in the film.

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Nika Movenka body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Nika Movenka physical body statistics
Bust size38 in97 cm
Waist size26 in66 cm
Hip size34 in86 cm
Measurements38-26-34 in97-66-86 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Nika Movenka?

Table 2

Nika Movenka bra size and breast cup size
Bra size38DD/E85E38DD100E5E16DDE85
What bra and cup size did Nika Movenka wear?
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