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Mary Edwards looked like that mom who lives down the street! No wonder men were crazy about her - she was everywhere guys looked. Her tits were huge - crazy huge! This vintage bombshell squeezed and shoved them into all kinds of crazy poses in her photo work. When this was not mashing her titanic boobs for the camera, she would finger her for men's entertainment.

Appealing babe Mary Edwards aka Linda sleeping with her enormous rack and silky nipples

Appealing babe Mary Edwards sleeps with her enormous breasts and soft nipples

Who was she? Where did she come from? Where did she go? Like the old saying goes, she was "an enigma wrapped in a mystery." Mary Edwards came out of nowhere to men's magazines in the late with her giant boobs and remained on the scene for decades afterward. However, we can only guess that this mature pornstar was a very private person, which explains why so little is known about her. What do we know? Mary was , and she worked under a variety of other names as well. She would appear in publications under the names Linda, Tina or Penny. She also even appeared in spreads labeled under her bust size - 56G US (130H EU/Int, see Table 1)

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Mary's success in men's entertainment is practically guaranteed by her massive whoppers

Why was she so successful? Just look at those tits! Each one could have had its postal code. Her natural G cup US (H EU/Int) breasts stretched the skin to the point where the veins underneath look like they would bust through. Mary had massive areolas with small dimples all over the surface. Surprisingly, her nipples were rather petite, looking like tiny copper coins sitting on top of her huge mountains.

This busty harlot knew a good thing when she had them. When posing for the photographer, Mary Edwards would squeeze them together to make a deep crevasse and then look at the camera with a slight smile that said "Wouldn't you like to stick your between these?" Her were obviously soft and manageable, as she would also twist them up to her mouth and lightly flick her tongue along the . Mary would also bend over at the waist and let gravity stretch these hangers to mind-blowing dimensions.

And what about the rest of her? Mary Edwards was unafraid to flash her for the camera, too. She pushed her to the sides and would eagerly finger her twat with both hands. This vintage sex star went "all natural" down below - her pussy hair ran wild all over her cunt. While she did not have dense, dark pubes, she did not trim them back in any way, either.

This big-titted also posed her ass for the camera as well, but this was not her best asset. There was nothing wrong with it. Her butt was shapely and smooth, but had a "mom" kind of look to it. It just spread a little too broad to the sides.

Mary Edwards was an "everyday" looking kind of girl that men saw all over the place

And, as already mentioned, she did have an "everyday" woman look to her. Mary had long, dark red hair that flowed past her shoulders. Her dark eyes were frequently accented with heavy mascara in her photo work. From her earliest photo pieces, wrinkles appeared in her rounded cheeks that only got more pronounced as she got older. However, many people commented that these are the very qualities that made her so attractive. Mary Edwards was every-woman: the who lived in your neighborhood. While porn is filled with tons of women who look doll-like and unobtainable, this curvaceous babe was anywhere and everywhere. The fact that she was so sexual on camera gave men hope that MILF's who loved to fuck were just around the corner from them.

This MILF was a favorite with photographers who worked with her. As one remarked: "She was a fantastic woman in many ways - not just because she had a gorgeous pair of tits and a slim waist - perfect for true boob lovers like we are. Mary was great to work with and had a very relaxed manner - that was appreciated especially when her bra came off!" This popularity probably explains why she was so popular and resilient in the men's magazine circles for at least two decades.

Another factor, however, was the fact that her tits got bigger as Mary got older. No kidding! They went from gargantuan proportions to simply jaw-dropping titanic in size. Her pictorial work from the '90s shows a visibly older Mary Edwards (who has most likely moved from the to the stage at this point) with boobs that looked like two watermelons attached to her chest. They were still as pliable and playful as when she was younger, but there was more of them to take in.

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Despite playing with her tits and cunt in ridiculous amounts, this chesty MILF keeps it pretty softcore

Surprisingly, this well-endowed harlot did not do any work. Sure, Mary "faked" it a couple times - posing in photos with guy's dangling over her, or a gentleman's face shoved into her muff in simulated . However, her entire portfolio is almost exclusively of this busty queen posing in . How did she spice them up? Mary Edwards varied her appearance with all kinds of sexy outfits: garter belts, fishnet pantyhose, see-through camisoles, and skimpy bras that barely held her whoppers back were all on display.

Unfortunately, time marched on, and this big breasted had to call it quits. Mary Edwards retired from appearing in men's magazines and now lives away from the public limelight.

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Mary Edwards breast and bra sizes

Table 1

Mary Edwards bra size and breast cup size
Bra size56G130H56F145H14H34GG130
What bra and cup size did Mary Edwards wear?
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