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In 1885, the first commercial movie screening took place in Paris. Almost a decade later, in , Le Coucher de la Mariée, a French stag film, was publicly screened again in Paris, making it the first erotic film ever made.

Although vintage porn was not openly encouraged at the time, dozens of adult movies were produced during the Edwardian and Victorian eras opening up the industry to great possibilities as we know it today.

Over 100 years later, we catalog some of these movies on our antique porn videos page for enthusiasts like yourself to witness their historical significance.

These movies inspired a whole century of adult filmmaking, and the themes they cover are a testament to that.

The movies on this page span the silent film era to the jazz period of the early 1920s. Film quality is as grainy as you'd expect for movies produced with the rudimentary 35 mm width films using the 120 film stock.

The videos are black and white and don't feature dialogue. The steamy actions are accompanied by classical piano soundtracks and good-old jazz music.

The actions are essential, ranging from; cock sucking, missionary sex, outdoor fucking, orgies, and lesbian action, among others.

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