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Seduction is a powerful and effective old strategy of charming your way into hot girls' panties. It's a dominant theme in ancient history and fiction. It has been exploited in politics, economics, and social settings.

Cleopatra practically seduced her way to power after her brother's death; Italian Giacomo Casanova is synonymous with seduction, and many more prominent figures in medieval, Renaissance, and contemporary periods.

Besides the big names in history who used the art of seduction to get their way, seduction was widely practiced at household levels, as depicted in the vintage seduction porn videos in this category. Masters seduced their maids into fucking them, philanders seduced other men's wives and fucked them harder and better, young boys of the classical eras seduced and fucked the girls next door, and the list goes on.

This page has some of our oldest seduction stag films from the late 19th century. We also have vintage porn movies from the Edwardian period, the Roaring Twenties characterized by promiscuity, and some from the decade of World War II.

These scenes have so much history, from fashion to sexuality and family settings. This is the best way to experience how it was to live in these beautiful ancient decades.

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