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Cheating was a common practice in ancient relationships despite the punitive penalties imposed on adultery by many cultures. In fact, some Native American cultures even proposed bodily mutilation meted out on cheating wives to discourage them from ever lusting on other men's bigger dicks.

Regardless, the classic women couldn't keep it in their pants, and many endured the gruesome penalties for fornicating. Our vintage cheating porn videos shed some light on how cheating used to go down in classical times. Meet the naughty housewives who got away with cheating and the not-so-lucky wives who were literally caught doing the dance without pants by their husbands.

You'll notice that cheating wasn't as highly clandestine as it is in today's relationships. Horny housewives would fuck gardeners with bigger cocks than their hubbies', boss husbands would fuck their staff at work, and the women would sometimes get fucked during doctors' appointments.

The men would cheat on their wives with hot maids, and male voyeur servants would be invited by the masturbating housewives for sex. The videos in this category are as old as vintage porn, some dating back to the Victorian era. You'll also find stag films from World War II when the men were at war, and their horny wives had to be serviced by guests, neighbors, and servants.

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