Juliet Anderson Fucked by Two Black Dicks: 1970s Aunt Peg's Interracial Sex

Juliet Anderson Interracial Porn Video

A young Juliet Anderson, a famous American porn star of the 70s, meets two black African-American football players in a student dormitory. Juliet is lying on the bed. The men take off her white panties to work on her pussy. While one guy masturbates and eats her red-haired cunt, the other sucks her nipples. The interracial threesome continues with a big black cock sucking while Juliet's pussy gets fucked doggy style ending with a facial cumshot. Read more

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Juliet Anderson and Two Black Men Having an Interracial Fuck in the 1970s

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Famous of the era, Juliet Anderson, also known as Aunt Peg, gets fucked in an by two African-American football players in a college dorm room in the 1970s. The scene opens with Juliet lying on the bed as both guys rip off her white panties to reveal her wet pussy. One dude jerks off while eating out of her red-haired cunt, while the other sucks on her nipples like candy.

As things heat up, one of the guys pulls out his massive and shoves it deep into Juliet's mouth. She chokes and gagges as he pushes his monster size sick deeper and deeper down her throat. Meanwhile, the other guy slides his huge BBC into Juliet's tight little snatch from behind - fucking her until she screams ecstatically.

The interracial threesome continues with both men taking turns fucking every hole in sight that belongs to beautiful Juliet Anderson, stuffing their cocks down her throat before giving it to her raw from behind over and over again! She eagerly takes them both at once before finally reaching climax after climax - moaning loudly as they bring her closer to orgasm each time.

Juliet enjoys herself immensely - writhing under their expert touches as she climaxes repeatedly. This naughty girl can't get enough of those big black cocks filling every inch of every pussy, asshole, and mouth imaginable! The scene's highlight is when both black men reward Juliet Anderson with a bucket load of cum from two of their monster cocks, leaving her face covered in cum.

This vintage porn video is a raw look at what interracial sex was like back when people did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted! Featuring passionate threesomes between talented performers who knew exactly how to give each other what they craved most: hot loads of cum in all the fuck holes! So sit back, relax, grab some tissues (or lotion), and enjoy this classic piece of porn history!

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