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Susan Nero (or simply Sue Nero) looked like your typical Jewish babe, but hardly acted like one in porn films. To call her a nymphomaniac would underestimate her. With her kinky, curly auburn hair, pouty look that said "fuck me!" thin little frame and gigantic, all-natural breasts, this busty Jewish pornstar was a background fixture in vintage porn movies throughout the '80s. She men and women of all races and loved to take tongues and cocks in her mouth, and asshole.

Dark haired pornstar Susan Nero soaks her gorgeous body in a foamy bathtub

Dark-haired pornstar Susan Nero soaks her gorgeous body in a foamy bathtub

Susan was born on (age 64), to a middle-class, suburban Boston, Massachusetts (USA) Jewish or family. Her parents were very strict and uptight while she was growing up, which caused her to rebel in her years. When she was finally allowed to go out with guys, her first boyfriend got her pregnant, which caused her overly strict family to become even harsher.

Despite her desires to "sew her wild oats," she got good grades in school, was very athletic, competed in all kinds of sports, and was a varsity cheerleader as well. Here's a funny anecdote - while Susan Nero was a cheerleader, athletes and fans in the stands called her "Jugs" and loved to watch her bounce around on the basketball court. However, she soon moved from cheerleading to hanging out with Vietnam vets, experimenting with drugs, and living on the wilder side.

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Sue Nero heads to the West Coast and then fucks on film for a living

Shortly after high school, Sue Nero, 19, moved to San Francisco and started working as a stripper in . She met a male pornstar who encouraged her to work in adult films, and her then-boyfriend encouraged her to try her hand at that work.

And it is no wonder that porn producers had an attraction for this exotic looking woman.

Susan had a mass of long, tightly-curled dark auburn hair that went well past her shoulders. Her matching eyes and pouty lips always gave off a tempting "please fuck me hard" appearance for the camera. Her , all-natural, and matched the curly mane that she had on her head. This vintage pornstar had a tight, shapely ass that was perfectly sized to her gorgeously-curved body.

However, without a doubt it was Susan Nero's massive 36DDD/F US (80F EU/Int, see Table 3) cup breasts and petite, 36-25-37 inches (91-64-94 centimeters, see Table 2) frame that became her calling card. She had huge, all natural DDD/F US (F EU/Int) cup boobs on a tall but lean 5 feet, 11 inches (180 centimeters) frame that weighed only 120 pounds (55 kilograms), while other sources state 127 pounds (58 kilograms). These massive mammaries looked even larger because of her giant areolas and very pronounced nipples that protruded well above the tits' surfaces.

Her slender arms, legs and hips not only gave her a curvy hourglass appearance, but worked to make her look even more massive. As Susan said to an interviewer: "My breasts are what has helped me make money all these years. They may not be the best looking tits around, but they sure are big."

Susan Nero sets herself apart by fucking in every way imaginable

This busty harlot soon became known as one of the first truly "down-and-dirty" versatile sex performers on film who would engage in every form of copulating you can imagine - , , and are just a few examples.

One of her special talents for which Susan became famous was . This lusty cocksucker was known for using her mouths and hands like a pro, and gobbled down of any size right to their base. However, this babe preferred working with women on camera and ate pussy like a champ, even though off-screen she was a confirmed heterosexual.

One particularly famous scene from Susan Nero's work had her in the middle of a working over two guys. She managed to keep these gentlemen erect and made them cum three times each (!) all over her sexy body. If that does not say "sexual talent" then nothing does.

One feature that made her unique in the was her preference for working with dark-skinned men - be they , Hispanic, or Mediterranean. Back in that time, interracial sex was nowhere near as prevalent as it is today. Susan Nero said she simply wanted to work with people who did not look like her and "opposites attract."

However, despite being known as an avid fuck on screen, Susan only achieved fame making loop movies and being a supporting star in pornographic films. This classic sex star was relegated to playing behind big-breasted stars like Vanessa Del Rio and Candy Samples in a number of videos. This sexy and well-endowed actress never got the chance to star in her own leading role in any movies. Instead, she was the feature girl in raunchy loops for "the Diamond Collection" and "The Pretty Girls series."

Men who went looking for her on films found her performing under a number of aliases, including Susanne Nero, Suzanne Nero, Susie Nero, Susann Nero, Sue Nero, Susan Shields, Scarlett Kennedy, Skarlett and Roma Burns.

Surprisingly, this woman who acted like an exotic nymphomaniac on film was anything but in real life. "I'm boring when it comes to sexual fantasies," she told one interviewer. "My favorite thing sexually is watching men jerk off, and that's not really exciting. I'm not into or going to "Plato's" (a notorious club in New York City in the early '80s) or or S&M. I'm not into anything wild. I'm just into old-fashioned sex."

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This busty whore retires when she cannot land a leading role in a movie

After almost ten years in the porn industry, the fear of being a "supporting star but never the feature " took a toll on Susan Nero. She often wondered why she never got her own feature film, and only guessed it was her massive boobs that were the hurdle to that accomplishment. All the time Susan was working in movies, this chesty model never stopped stripping and dancing in men's clubs, which she really enjoyed doing. Also, she was still getting a lot of pressure from her conservative family back in Boston, who loathed her career choices. Rumors also had to that she was being worn down by drinking and drug problems.

Thus, by , Susan Nero decided to devote herself full-time to and left the porno business. However, by the time she finally quit in . During her 15-year career, she had appeared in over 130 adult films, including "Big Melons 1 and 2," "Midnight Heat," "Secluded Passion," and "Widespread Scandals of Lydia Lace." Producers even recycled shoots of this bosomy queen in action, so that film credits are attributed to her throughout the '90s as well.

Her current whereabouts are given as either Long Island, New York or back in Boston. This vintage vixen was dancing in the '90s at a men's venue known as "Club 90," where she was working with a few of her porn buddies from her heyday like Gloria Leonard, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Hart, Kelly Nichols, and Veronica Vera. Susan even appeared in the issue of "Over 40" magazine.

However, she gave up dancing and public performances after she was injured when she was hit by a bus while riding her bicycle. Sue Nero also went back to college, but there is no information on what this former huge tit queen hopes to do with her future. She does not respond to interview requests, so we can only guess Susan is putting her hard-fucking past behind her for good.

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Susan Nero body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Susan Nero wiki and facts
BornJuly 6, 1959 (age 64)
Years active1978-1993
Started around19 years old
In business15 years
AliasesSusanne Nero, Suzanne Nero, Susie Nero, Susann Nero, Sue Nero, Susan Shields, Scarlett Kennedy, Roma Burns
What are the interesting facts about Susan Nero?

Table 2

Susan Nero physical body statistics
Height5 ft 11 in180 cm
Weight127 lb58 kg
Bust size36 in91 cm
Waist size25 in64 cm
Hip size37 in94 cm
Measurements36-25-37 in91-64-94 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Susan Nero?

Table 3

Susan Nero bra size and breast cup size
Bra size36DDD/F80F36E95F4F14EF80
What bra and cup size did Susan Nero wear?
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