Lesbian Threesome with Clyde Rosen: 1970s Man Watches Girls Lick Pussies

Clyda Rosen Lesbian Porn Video

Video shot by adult film director Lasse Brown and stars Clyda Rosen, a Jewish porn star from the '70s. Three sexy girls lock a man on the balcony. The poor guy can't help but stare through the window at what's happening inside. The girls slowly undress and tease the guy with their big tits. Israeli beauty Clyda has enormous tits. The guy masturbates while watching the lesbians sucking each other's nipples and licking each other's hairy pussies. The girls continue their lesbian threesome, and the guy is ready to cum. Read more

Clyda Rosen in a Lesbian Threesome Sex in Front of a Man in the 1970s

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Three fucking hot teenage girls lock a lucky guy out on the balcony. Inside, they slowly peel off their clothes and reveal their juicy curves to each other. The man outside can't help but jerk his cock as he watches through the window as these sluts tease him with their .

One of these babes is , a stunning Jewish porn star from the 1970s who loves to show off her massive jugs to all her lovers. As they continue to undress, all three girls become more and more aroused by each other's touch. The in this video is incredibly sensual and passionate!

The girls use toys like dildos and vibrators to please each other while licking their hairy pussies and assholes with their tongues and, sucking , fondling tits! As things escalate, all three girls moan and groan in ecstasy as they reach climax after climax together!

Meanwhile, out on the balcony, our hero furiously as he watches these beautiful women enjoy lesbian sex so thoroughly without him. He watches as they lick each other's hairy pussies up close while feeling his body tense with desire. When the trapped man can't hold it any longer, he cums on the glass of the balcony window.

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