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The Roaring Twenties is a significant decade in the history of politics, modern art, and social dynamics. The era characterized by economic prosperity, overindulgence, smooth vintage jazz, bootleggers, bathtub gin, and flappers, among others, is responsible for iconic fashion and lifestyles that came to define the ages that came after.

Among the notable fashion trends of the Jazz Age was the sexy nipple pasties, popular nipple patches common among burlesque dances, strippers, and exotic dancers of the time. They used to cover nipples and only stretched to the areolas leaving the rest of the boob exposed.

Nipple pasties were a clever attempt to go around the law prohibiting topless or nude performances at public venues like musical theatres and cabarets. They became popular in porn during the 1930s and later re-emerged in the '50s and '60s.

We have steamy vintage nipple pasties porn films from these classical times showcasing sexy burlesque dances and throwing chilling performances with only their nipples covered in pasties. Watch the famous burlesque dancers and pin-up models of the 1950s flaunting their big boobs with their nipples clad at a show.

American pornstars and burlesque dancers who dominated the vintage porn scene in the '50s and '60s, together with retro British pornstar Marge Middleton, also feature in this category.

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