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Evolutionary fitness shows men are innately hard-wired to be sexually attracted to skinny women. It's theorized that slim and curvy women are associated with youth, fertility, and health. Over time, of course, there've been contradicting trends, but the underlying theory continues to hold.

Men's obsession with skinny women is ancient, as illustrated in this page's vintage skinny porn videos. We've got stag films in this category dating back to the Roaring Twenties when the defiant flappers reigned.

The films, despite their lousy quality, no thanks to the rudimentary technology of the time, depict lewd skinny women getting fucked by horny studs. The women are oddly flexible, thanks to their physiques.

Watch them rigorously ride on mammoth cocks in all the acrobatic sexual positions you can imagine. Apparently, doggy-style sex was popular back in the day as it is today, and cowgirl was virtually conceived during the classical eras.

Among the hot skinny women featured on this page include Tanya Muriett, the naughty Latina who debuted in vintage porn around the 1950s. Watch the slutty athletic women of the classical era who dominated the adult industry as centerfolds, pin-up models, and exemplary performers.

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