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The '50s were an age when all women were supposed to dress boringly the same. Not so for this raven-haired lovely named Tana Louise. She was not afraid to put on the dress and toys that came along with . She loved to wear silk gloves past the elbow, a dark that thrust her big boobs up towards her chin, and long, leather boots laced right up to her knees. She may have been the very first BDSM star the United States ever turned out.

Beautiful brunette Tana Louise standing next to the painting in seductive leather lingerie

Beautiful brunette Tana Louise stands next to the painting in seductive leather lingerie

Tana Louise's early life is a mystery. She may have been born in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) in the year (age 93). She may have had Native American ancestry, which would explain her dark hair and facial features. We do know that Tana was her real name because she was sued in by actress Tina Louise.

To the unknowing, Tina Louise played the character "Ginger" on the famous American show "Gilligan's Island." Tana Louise claimed that that was indeed her real name. The fact that she kept performing under it afterward indicates this must have been the truth.

We do know this trendsetter began dancing on burlesque stages starting in in Ohio. Tana, then quickly got nicknamed the "Cincinnati Sinner."

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Tana Louise wears the clothing that "good girls" won't, and sets herself up as an S&M queen

However, her real mark on adult entertainment came only after Tana started appearing in a magazine called "Exotique" that was published by Burmel Publishing Company in New York City between and . This magazine was not your garden variety nudie spread. It featured women dressed in corsets and of heels of 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) or greater in length. Without saying it, "Exotique" was one of the first BDSM magazines that portrayed , what was no small feat in early 50's America. "Exotique" was a direct descendant of "Bizarre" - the first major fetish magazine published in - and produced by John Willie.

While nude magazines were tolerated, fetish publications were deemed obscene. And obscenity brought prosecution from the authorities. However, these risks did not deter Tana Louise. She not only carried on being one of the magazine's main , but she expanded into writing articles for the publication under the column "From Me to You."

Her involvement got deeper still when, in the early '50s, she married "Exotique" creator and publisher Leonard Burtman. All the while, this vintage pornstar's S&M pictures were widely circulated across the country in underground circles.

The images of this dark and sultry princess from this period ooze with hints and implications of domination. Tana frequently wore dark leather thigh-high boots with crazy long heels that looked like they had a zillion bootlace holes and laces securing them to her legs. The clothing covering her torso varied greatly, but still played to the theme.

Dominatrix with "evil" appearance and perky B-cup breasts with rock-hard nipples

It could be a shiny patent-leather dress with a crazy long slit running up one leg and a white mink stole over her shoulders. Or it could be a leather corset secured to her body and by crisscrossed laces and a leather bra. Maybe it was a black silk cocktail dress running from her neck to her mid-thigh, and she's perched a cigarette in her hand, looking like the boss in control of what happened in the bedroom.

Whatever dress or Tana Louise was wearing, it helped greatly that she had a beautiful pair of legs that curved straight up to her ass and accented the fashions that much more. Her natural 36B US (80B EU/Int, see Table 3) tits looked amazing.

This dark-haired dominatrix instinctively knew how to look at the camera to give off the impression that she was in control and could put a hurting on you. Tana frequently styled her eyebrows so that the ends would wisp upwards, giving her a slightly menacing or "evil" appearance. This unique retro BDSM sex star rarely smiled for the camera and looked as if she was all-business when dressed in her domination clothing. Her skin complexion was, at best, medium and often appeared slightly pale, which greatly contrasted with the dark clothing that she frequently wore in her photo shoots.

Of course, it helped that Tana Louise had a fabulous figure (her measurements were reported at 36-22-35 inches (91-56-89 centimeters, see Table 2) and could pull off wearing skin tight fashions. When the dark clothing she wore came down low enough, her perky B cup and rock-hard would come popping out towards the camera. Every so often, she would bend over for the photographer and show off her curvy ass that revealed itself beneath the corset she was wearing.

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This dark and dangerous woman keeps on dancing, but eventually fades from the public's eye

Tana's relationship with "Exotique" lasted almost throughout the entire '50s. However, this writing success did not deter her from continuing to perform in burlesque shows up and down the East Coast. There are still records of her dancing on stages in Time Square in New York City right up to .

However, as the '50s progressed, Tana Louise's marriage with Leonard Burtman began to wane, and thus her relationship with his publication faded as well. She eventually divorced him, which ended both her 9-year modeling and writing careers, too. The last information about this vixen in the public eye is that she went into mail order business with former Rockette and burlesque dancer Mara Gaye selling exotic, bizarre costumes in the '60s. After this, Tana fades into history.

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Tana Louise body measurements, height, weight, bra size & more

Table 1

Tana Louise wiki and facts
Born1931 (age 93)
Years active1950-1959
In business9 years
What are the interesting facts about Tana Louise?

Table 2

Tana Louise physical body statistics
Bust size36 in91 cm
Waist size22 in56 cm
Hip size35 in89 cm
Measurements36-22-35 in91-56-89 cm
What are the body measurements and physical stats of Tana Louise?

Table 3

Tana Louise bra size and breast cup size
Bra size36B80B36B95B4B14BB80
What bra and cup size did Tana Louise wear?
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