Big Tits Rosemary Saneau's Hairy Pussy Creampied: 1970s Vintage Porn

Rosemary Saneau Creampied Porn Video

Rosemary Saneau, also known as Sue Ann, a gorgeous pin-up brunette, a '70s pornstar with huge tits. She uncovers her boobs for her lover and her hairy pussy. The man fondles her deeply and masturbates her clit. Then Rosemary sits on his cock and fucks him into a creampie. Read more

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Rosemary Saneau: Creampie in Big Tits Girl's Pussy in the 1970s

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Sue Ann, the sultry slut with huge tits that will make your mouth water and your cock throb, is ready to have sex in this 1970s XXX classic. Sue tantalizingly spreads her legs for her man, revealing her and a bushy patch of hair surrounding her wet pussy that's just begging for a hard .

As Sue masturbates her cunt, the man joins in, exploring every inch of her curvy body until she can't help but let out moans of pure pleasure. He knows exactly what he wants - to feel her tight little cunt wrapped around his big fat cock.

Sue Ann eagerly fucks him like a pro while jumping up and down on his throbbing dick with reckless abandon. Her tits bounce wildly as she brings herself closer and closer to orgasm.

The heat between them reaches boiling point as Sue Ann demands that he give it all to her - filling her mouth and face with his hot load until they both scream in utter ecstasy before collapsing into each other's arms, completely satisfied by their wild passion play.

This vintage porn video features two horny lovers who know how to satisfy their insatiable desires - raw fucking passion at its finest!

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