Stepmom Teaches Daughter How to Fuck: 1970s Hershel Savage Threesome

Stepmom with Daughter Porn Video

Old and young threesome with Herschel Savage. He has foreplay with a busty redheaded young cutie who sucks his cock. He licks the girl's hairy pussy when her stepmom arrives and is surprised to see them fucking. She strips naked to nylons and joins the horny couple to fuck together. Read more

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Hershel Savage Fucks a Stepmother and Her Daughter in the 1970s

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Herschel Savage is balls deep in a steamy with a young busty redhead and her 1970s stepmother. The scene opens with Herschel getting his thick cock sucked by the eager cutie as he rubs her perky tits. She moans like a whore and sucks him off, taking him down her slutty throat.

As things heat up, Herschel takes over and starts licking the girl's , making her squirm with pleasure like a dirty little slut. The stepmother walks in on them and is shocked to see what's happening. But instead of stopping them, she joins the fun by stripping down to her nylons.

The horny trio continues their sexual escapades as Herschel thrusts his big cock into their wet pussies while they take turns pleasuring each other's big bouncing tits and juicy clits. The stepmom proves that age is just a number as she rides Herschel hard like a seasoned pro.

The young cutie watches intently as these two seasoned lovers show her how it is done before joining in on the hardcore action herself like a true sex fiend. They switch positions repeatedly until, finally, Herschel can't hold back any longer and cums all over his stepdaughter's pretty face.

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